Wednesday, August 11, 2010

test blogging from ipod

Today berbuka kat Subang.i memang at ph before that.after hantar mika this morning went to sdmc to change my dressing.driving is not a problem for me tapi i need my sis to send me to sdmc coz its difficult to find parking there.amazingly kejap je dah settle.tak sampai 1 jam sis fetched me soon after and i mintak tlg dia again to drive me to pyramid sbb nak change mika's shoes.finally dpt gaks beli was a gift frm my mum senarnye.thnks umi!mummy mika pon still tak dpt lagi that wedges that i hv been eyeing for quite some time tunggu sale la kot. rm300 for a pair of wedges mcm unreasonable je..tapi cantik! hubby, take note eh ;) for buka today my mum masak sup tulang, ikan tenggiri masak lemak, tauhu sumbat, rendang ayam, ikan parang goreng dan ulam kacang botol. marvellous tapi makan dgn fork n spoon tak feel langsung. i makan sikit je. boleh la kurus camni :p if u notice content agak lintang pukang coz its difficult to blog with an ipod. takpela janji paham. ok peeps, eventhough im on mc i still need to catch my sleep. nite!

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