Wednesday, August 4, 2010

real moms

Someone posted this on FB and I just have to re-post this. Simply love it!
"To all the real moms who trade their eyeliners for dark circles, salon
cuts for ponytails, long showers for quick showers, late nights for early
mornings, designer bags for diaper bags and wouldn't change a thing.
Lets see how many moms re-post this. This is for the moms who don't care
about what they gave up instead LOVE what they get return.
Re-post this if you're a mom and love your kids!"
What to do now? Hubby is out for his futsal game and Mika is asleep. One basket full of Mika's clothes waiting to be fold but I just do not have the mood to do it now. Today cuti basuh baju Mika coz it's hubby's turn to do it. Although by right that is the wifey job but hubby gives full co-operation on this. That day when I brought this up with one of my gurls, I even got full support from her. No maid so kena la equally divide. Hmmm..I pon tak tahu sampai bila nak basuh separate baju Mika. I still guna that NappiKleen to wash his clothes and sanggup basuh tangan just to make sure tak mix dengan baju we all. Sampai berapa tahun eh nak kena pakai detergent baby ni? Anyone?

I balik on the dot coz hubby off today. Before fetch Mika, pergi pasar malam yang dah lama betul tak pergi. Not that hungry, so beli bihun sup for me, yong tofu for hubby and some keropok for dinner. Tuh pon makan tak habis. Okay this post is like really heading to no where. Wanna watch CSI @721 :) Eh kan I sibuk2 cakap about this kan? It's now showing at Cinemax. Jap lagi ada at 11. Tapi banyak betul dia potong. Tak best! As I am writing this entry, I am chatting with er, what should I call him..once before macam someone close to me..he knows me well bila I mention about SBS. He said half-naked men, sure la I suka..LOL..ala, okay la sebab I tengok pon dengan dear hubby. Hubby sangat sporting bila I cakap nak dream about Spartacus or Crixus (nama hero2 dalam cerita ni) dah dah...okay peeps, nite!

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