Friday, August 27, 2010

public holiday ke hari ni?

OMG, sangat busy sampai tak sempat nak update. Dah la hari ni Selangor cuti but not for my company. Ada la sebab-sebab tertentu why we all not entitle for this holiday. Reached the office before 7.30am and hubby sent Mika to my mom's. Lucky him his off day falls on public holiday, kira dia cuti jugak lar. It's ok, I have tons of work to do and the best part is, dah siap. Ready for submission on Monday ;) In 15 mins time, I will be leaving the office and I have plan for Iftar today. Am meeting the girls and they will bring their kids too! Mari sama-sama kita kejar our kids eh? Balik PH dulu, mandi and all and head to Subang and fetch Mika there. Can't wait, can't wait! Just a short update and that will do for now.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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