Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mmu convo

Last Saturday was my bro-in-law's convo day. Congratulations to him ;) We did not go to MMU but met up at Marriot Putrajaya for lunch instead. Mika tak tidur from morning guess sebab dia terlebih excited macam tahu it was weekend and his parents were around. Otw, he managed to sleep for half and hour like that. Time tuh dia tengah makan coco pops dan terus tertidur. Mata dah tutup pon tangan masih gerak cari coco pops. Cute je.

All of hubby's family members were there and we had buffet lunch tapi the choice of food tak banyak sangat so I did not really eat pon (tak makan konon, i makan nasi minyak sikit and few cucuk of satay) then I banyak makan fruit and desserts. After that, they decided to go back to MMU to take some photos there. One thing about Mika, dia tak boleh sit still. So imagine orang ramai² nak snap photo dia tak sabar terus nak jalan sana sini. Tuh yang leceh tuh. I told hubby to proceed sebab family dia kan, biar I kejar Mika (with heels *sigh*). Time posing depan MMU sign board tuh, my SIL's husband boleh pulak tersnap gambar candid I, nanti you all tengok pic last sekali. So funnyyyy! We reached home around 5 then hubby mandikan dia and I put him to sleep. Mika pandai bila I suruh dia sleep with his daddy, dia cakap "Nak Mommy..sleep" By 8 dia dah tidur and hubby and me marathon tengok SBS sampai habis. I really like that series lar. It's really something apart from the topless men with six packs. Now mari layan pics!

mommy nak jugak posing..while the son tak kisah langsung
we were entertained by this group of musicians (not too sure what to call them as quartet refers to 4 ppl and this one only has 3..anyone?)
the lady in red is my 2nd SIL and her hubby is the one in stripy shirt, sitting across them are my PIL
this is my 1st SIL, husband and daughter. she's expecting another one ;)
Mika showing off to his cousin Sarah
iphone sangat kid friendly, even Mika at this young age knows how to navigate around it
he knows where to press and look for his applications, mostly nursery rhymes and fun stuff
alololo..sweet je. macam borak² je mereka ni, age gap 3 yrs kot
dapat this balloon from the clown tapi kejap je then pecah
he looks like big boy dah kan?
sombong eh Mika..time ni my SIL's husband snap kan photo, dia macam malu kot kat his uncle so dia main jeling² je

group photo
from left: 2nd SIL, her husband, BIL's gf, BIL, 1st SIL's husband, hubby, me, Mika, Sarah, 1st SIL, MIL & PIL

tengok ni!! 
boleh pulak my SIL's husband tersnap this pic. apa punya posing lar
(sila ignore spare part kat tummy tuh, kan dah cakap gemuk..uhuhu)
actual pic..i tengah tengok Mika tak leh duduk diam, orang nak amik gambar dia sibuk lari2 dan juga sebab panas, ngada betul. that pretty much explains the pose :P

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