Friday, August 13, 2010

the injured finger

I have been contemplating of nak letak ke tak nak letak pic injury and finally decided to publish it. Well, to some macam tak serious kot but to me jari i macam buruk! Rupa runcing tuh macam takde je (macam la runcing sangat jari tuh :P). So if you wanna have a look, please do so. Kalau tak berani, ignore it :)






(I've tried to use the jump break function and somehow it does not work!!) 
Pics were taken on Day 3 after the incident. As you can see, still macam lebam2. Benang2 tuh menggelikan kan..buruk sungguh jari. I really hope ok cepat sebab sangat rimas berbandage ni. Next checkup is this Monday to take out the stitches. Please be okay..

Set the pics to smallest size, so if you wanna have a clearer view, pls click on it to enlarge ;)


gEe said...

adehh....boleh terasa pedih2 jari akak more carefull next time ya Fiza...n get well soon...jgn nak dok mc lama2..heee...

raF|za said...

thanks kak gee! heheh..tomorrow last day kot mc, back to work after that. mc kalau tak puasa ok lagi :D