Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iftar part IV

Continue from prev entry, bawak Mika and Thaqif kat luar. Thaqif pon baru dapat jalan so seronok la derang kat sini. Mika try nak main ngan Thaqif tapi dia macam kasar sikit. Takut I tiba² dia tolak Thaqif and he did once! Yang comel nya, mana Mika pergi Thaqif ikut and vice versa. Haih, comel sangat. At first hubby tak follow, he was still inside with the rest tapi I mintak tolong dia tengok-tengokkan Mika. Dapat la I snap some photos too.

Ada one time tuh Mika excited sangat sampai dia terlanggar glass sliding door. Nasib tak kuat sangat tapi tak kuat pon bengkak la gaks sikit but tak sampai berapa minit dia berlari balik. On non-related issue, both Erin and Ereen dah pass their ACCA. Ereen to pass first and that time she was pregnant and baru ni Erin. Hebat! Dah la a wife then a mother and for Erin's case mother of two and now with ACCA? Congrats to them both. Memang salute sebab they can divide time to study and for family.

Can't wait for the next session. Susah nak gather everyone actually. I wonder how next year's Iftar going to be like. We plan to have another session Raya month nanti. Target is at Erin's new house :) So happy to meet the girls and we really had a great time despite sibuk melayan the kids and all. I nak stay lagi but Mika demanded for his milk and we did not have it with us and so we had to go. Till the next session gurls, keep in touch!

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