Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iftar part III

Part ni masa tengah makan. Faz did a great job with the reservation but I think Madam Kwan's ni je takde proper room or section to cater big group like us. Even the baby chair pon tak cukup but service wise, they are okay. Despite all the havoc, we got what we ordered and cepat jugak la except for the western food. Ok tengok pics ni je dah buat lapar sekarang.

Mika makan boleh tahan banyak. Dia suap sendiri and kat belakang chair dia, the waitress letak cushion so dia leh pulak tengah² makan sandar macam malas tuh. The kids semua behaved well and dapat la makan dengan aman. Ereen was the first to finish her meal and she brought Thaqif out sebab Thaqif dah start restless so I teman dia and brought Mika with me.

Activity kat luar, I will post it in the next entry.

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