Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iftar part II

I was the first to arrive and then followed by Faz who arrived few mins later. Met her at the escalator and boy, so happy to see her! Eh Faz dah slim down banyak and she looks great :) We made our ways to the restaurant and baru je nak duduk borak², Ereen and Eisha sampai. Ereen finally brought her son, Thaqif. First time jumpa dulu masa dia dalam hari and now dah 14 months old! Her sister accompanied her. Sangat happy masing² sampai lupa nak order food. Then as always, amik pic and all. Amazingly Mika behaved well sepanjang kat meja makan tuh. Dia buat hal sendiri. I notice that both Mika and Thaqif were given phones nak lekakan mereka. Thaqif even got 2 phones. Budak-budak zaman sekarang :)

Hubby and me ordered Nasi Bojari and for Mika Chinese Fried Rice. I tak sempat nak tengok menu betul² pon sebab sibuk nak borak. Then few minutes lepas berbuka, Erin and family arrived. Wah, bertambah meriah dan havoc. Suasana kat meja makan with the kids around terus macam happening. Dengan I dok layan Mika, Ereen ngan Thaqif and Erin with her 2 gurls Tasha and Bella..sure Faz and Eisha pening. Told Faz that she already got the kids to be her pengapit kecik² tuh for her wedding ;) Our hubbies and partner memang sporting habis, they know us well

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