Thursday, August 12, 2010


hari ni i did not do much. after sending mika, check emails, catch up with the team and settle some queries. thank god my team members are independent enough and have this sense of ownerships when it comes to their products. basically i do not hv to interfere much unless needed. things are a lot easier too now as my new appointed senior can be relied on. my right wing team mate pon sangat membantu and with that i thank you all for stepping in during my absense. my manager and fellow TLs pon ada tolong tengok kan my team. phew, lega di situ. if possible i tak nakla susahkan org. done with that i tengok tv non stop and around 2, tertido and this time no interruption. best sleep ever in months. fetched mika around 5.30 then headed to subang. as hubby is working tonight, i am spending the night here. for iftar, my mum cooked kari ikan, kangkung goreng, begedil and rendang semalam ada lagi also leftover of yesterday's tauhu sumbat. alhamdulillah, lauk simple tapi sedap. spoil mood sikit sebab i had to entertain mika sambil makan, menguji kesabaran betul. for sahur tomorrow my mum plan nak masak mee goreng. i told her i can just eat bread ke sbb i memang tak mkn sahur sangat but lupa pulak my sis and bro sure nak kan. bukan tak nak tolong masak tapi mmg dr dulu my mom suka buat sorang2 and will only call me bila dah siap. plus tgn i kan tak ok, nothing much i boleh buat :p one of the advantages staying at subang part makan2 tak perlu risau coz thats my biggest concern considering the fact that i am hopeless when it comes to cooking. senang hati sikit. ok, nite peeps!

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