Tuesday, August 17, 2010

after 6 days..

What a hectic day today, as expected. Meeting from 10 - 2 and after that settle some issues with the team. Nak chat with one of my girls pon tak dapat. If she online, memang best. We know each other too well and we do think alike. In short, happy bila dapat borak dengan orang sekepala ni. Now that's what I call a friend.

Balik office almost everyone asked about my finger. Terharu. I nak explain pon segan sebenarnya coz one finger je but if tak serious, takkan doc suruh I rest at home kan? Ni baru je tukar plaster and I must say it's getting better, Alhamdulillah. Takde dah hitam-hitam darah beku tuh..yang ada macam cut baru nak sambung kulit. Okay, gross. I know by right I should biar dia open camtuh..what if terkena pape then darah balik..tak nak! Takpe la for these 2 days let it be plus tak ketat pon. So if I nak show kat orang, still boleh nampak :D

Am planning for an Iftar together with the girls..so far everyone agrees to go next weekend, one more to confirm. Place pulak still deciding but this yr ingat nak Iftar kat luar je. Last year we went to Eisha's and the year before was at Parade. 2008 I preggie 6 months, Ereen baru je nak tahu dia preggie and Erin baru ada Tasha..year 2009 ada Mika, Bella not to forget dear Thaqif tapi Ereen tak bawak and this year the kids pon dah besar-besar. I wonder what's in store next year? ;) Cepat betul masa kan..next year je I dah masuk 3 series!

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