Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 days since my last post?

Whoa lama tak update. Tak sempat langsung sebab terover bz. Last weekend was great. It went as planned. Friday after work, I fetch Mika dulu and while waiting for hubby to come back, bawak dia round naik his bicycle around the hood. Hubby balik je dia mandikan Mika while I kemas apa yang patut and off we went to Subang. Sampai 10mins after berbuka, tapi sempat la minum otw, aint that far..about 15mins drive. As usual, malam je sure cepat ngantuk. I sempat la layan movie Unborn with hubby tapi sikit jer coz dia dah ngantuk, kata kerja the next day. Nak ajak my sis tengok, haih dia takkan tengok nye lar. Online japs then off to bed joining the boys.

Sahur the next day, umi cooked fried rice. Walaupon sedap, I can only managed to eat few bites je. Did totally nothing on Saturday. Ada la my mom ajak pergi mall but that time dah noon and macam malas and panas. Duduk diam-diam je kat rumah. For sahur on Sunday, umi masak nasi lemak. Dapat la jugak merasa. Again, Sunday was purely spent lazing around, watching tv, sleep and also layan Mika. Dad went to his office, my bro and sis buat hal sendiri and Mika memang la dengan I kan. My mom ada la tengok-tengok but she needed to prepare for Iftar and asked me to fully concentrate on Mika. Penat and emo kejap bila hubby decided to proceed his Iftar plan with his friends. Since I tak drive, my bro and sis tolong hantar balik and that concluded my weekend but it was alright, I got to spend time with my family and most importantly my son, puas hati gaks. Not to forget, I did tahpau that sambal ikan bilis and had it for my sahur on Monday morning.

Come Monday, it was such a crazy day. Busy with product also doing the allocation and settling some stuffs, but masih sempat online shopping ;) Tuesday is worse sebab whole day meeting. Baru duduk kejap dah meeting balik, I tak sempat nak buat my product pon. Also I cannot fast tapi tak boleh makan betul-betul. I brought bread and sausage so makan tuh je and some dates. Malam je tidokan Mika dengan I tertido sekali sampai ke pagi. Hubby sahur pon sendiri and he doesn't mind. Plus dia pon bukan jenis makan bersungguh-sungguh gaks. Today pon lebih kurang macam semalam. Despite all the meetings and whatnot, I managed to complete my product. Though it's due only next Monday but I do not like last minute work. Will try to complete it asap so that at least by the time nak clear no need to rush. Because of that hectic schedule, I did not have time to blog let alone surf etc. Hopefully tomorrow ok sikit but I do have some news to tell the team. We will see how it goes. Okay peeps, entry panjang lebar..nite!


azrin said...

thanks god ur hubby x kisah pasal sahur, mcm i kena masak nasi jugak n fresh dishes, haish, penat...

raF|za said...


tuh la, joe macam i..pagi makan lebih kurang je. dah nak last2 puasa tuh kekadang dia minum air je. ye ke? tapi i memang respect la orang yang boleh makan betul2 pagi, dengan nasi lauk semua :D