Tuesday, August 31, 2010

independence day

Pic was taken on Aug 7th. Masa ni nak pergi dinner with my family. Actually I terjumpa this pic kat my sis's pc. Mika suka sangat pakai topi askar tuh. Ni kat depan rumah my mom. Mana eh pergi kereta-kereta, normally weekend pack dengan neighbours' cars but that day kosong pulak. Owh also the day before that unfortunate incident. Not to forget, my bestie Faz's birthday too! Banyak pulak event happening that weekend. See, picture says a thousand words. Boleh ingat segala yang berlaku that day ;)

Here would like to take the opportunity to wish Happy 53rd Independence DayMalaysia! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Feeling patriotic sikit dengan Mika bertopi askar tuh :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iftar part IV

Continue from prev entry, bawak Mika and Thaqif kat luar. Thaqif pon baru dapat jalan so seronok la derang kat sini. Mika try nak main ngan Thaqif tapi dia macam kasar sikit. Takut I tiba² dia tolak Thaqif and he did once! Yang comel nya, mana Mika pergi Thaqif ikut and vice versa. Haih, comel sangat. At first hubby tak follow, he was still inside with the rest tapi I mintak tolong dia tengok-tengokkan Mika. Dapat la I snap some photos too.

Ada one time tuh Mika excited sangat sampai dia terlanggar glass sliding door. Nasib tak kuat sangat tapi tak kuat pon bengkak la gaks sikit but tak sampai berapa minit dia berlari balik. On non-related issue, both Erin and Ereen dah pass their ACCA. Ereen to pass first and that time she was pregnant and baru ni Erin. Hebat! Dah la a wife then a mother and for Erin's case mother of two and now with ACCA? Congrats to them both. Memang salute sebab they can divide time to study and for family.

Can't wait for the next session. Susah nak gather everyone actually. I wonder how next year's Iftar going to be like. We plan to have another session Raya month nanti. Target is at Erin's new house :) So happy to meet the girls and we really had a great time despite sibuk melayan the kids and all. I nak stay lagi but Mika demanded for his milk and we did not have it with us and so we had to go. Till the next session gurls, keep in touch!

Iftar part III

Part ni masa tengah makan. Faz did a great job with the reservation but I think Madam Kwan's ni je takde proper room or section to cater big group like us. Even the baby chair pon tak cukup but service wise, they are okay. Despite all the havoc, we got what we ordered and cepat jugak la except for the western food. Ok tengok pics ni je dah buat lapar sekarang.

Mika makan boleh tahan banyak. Dia suap sendiri and kat belakang chair dia, the waitress letak cushion so dia leh pulak tengah² makan sandar macam malas tuh. The kids semua behaved well and dapat la makan dengan aman. Ereen was the first to finish her meal and she brought Thaqif out sebab Thaqif dah start restless so I teman dia and brought Mika with me.

Activity kat luar, I will post it in the next entry.

Iftar part II

I was the first to arrive and then followed by Faz who arrived few mins later. Met her at the escalator and boy, so happy to see her! Eh Faz dah slim down banyak and she looks great :) We made our ways to the restaurant and baru je nak duduk borak², Ereen and Eisha sampai. Ereen finally brought her son, Thaqif. First time jumpa dulu masa dia dalam hari and now dah 14 months old! Her sister accompanied her. Sangat happy masing² sampai lupa nak order food. Then as always, amik pic and all. Amazingly Mika behaved well sepanjang kat meja makan tuh. Dia buat hal sendiri. I notice that both Mika and Thaqif were given phones nak lekakan mereka. Thaqif even got 2 phones. Budak-budak zaman sekarang :)

Hubby and me ordered Nasi Bojari and for Mika Chinese Fried Rice. I tak sempat nak tengok menu betul² pon sebab sibuk nak borak. Then few minutes lepas berbuka, Erin and family arrived. Wah, bertambah meriah dan havoc. Suasana kat meja makan with the kids around terus macam happening. Dengan I dok layan Mika, Ereen ngan Thaqif and Erin with her 2 gurls Tasha and Bella..sure Faz and Eisha pening. Told Faz that she already got the kids to be her pengapit kecik² tuh for her wedding ;) Our hubbies and partner memang sporting habis, they know us well

Iftar part I

After work last Friday, balik PH first then only pergi Subang to fetch Mika. Mika dah siap dimandikan bila I sampai so tinggal nak pakai baju and my turn pulak nak bersiap. We are going to Madam Kwan's, Empire. No need to rush and all (walaupon agak rushing sebab ingat dah lambat) coz from my mom's place only about 5 mins drive.

Note: This is only the first entry of the outing..ada banyak lagi pics nak letak! Ingat nak pilih dan letak mana² but what the heck, letak je banyak. Like hubby cakap..bukan ada orang baca pon ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

public holiday ke hari ni?

OMG, sangat busy sampai tak sempat nak update. Dah la hari ni Selangor cuti but not for my company. Ada la sebab-sebab tertentu why we all not entitle for this holiday. Reached the office before 7.30am and hubby sent Mika to my mom's. Lucky him his off day falls on public holiday, kira dia cuti jugak lar. It's ok, I have tons of work to do and the best part is, dah siap. Ready for submission on Monday ;) In 15 mins time, I will be leaving the office and I have plan for Iftar today. Am meeting the girls and they will bring their kids too! Mari sama-sama kita kejar our kids eh? Balik PH dulu, mandi and all and head to Subang and fetch Mika there. Can't wait, can't wait! Just a short update and that will do for now.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 days since my last post?

Whoa lama tak update. Tak sempat langsung sebab terover bz. Last weekend was great. It went as planned. Friday after work, I fetch Mika dulu and while waiting for hubby to come back, bawak dia round naik his bicycle around the hood. Hubby balik je dia mandikan Mika while I kemas apa yang patut and off we went to Subang. Sampai 10mins after berbuka, tapi sempat la minum otw, aint that far..about 15mins drive. As usual, malam je sure cepat ngantuk. I sempat la layan movie Unborn with hubby tapi sikit jer coz dia dah ngantuk, kata kerja the next day. Nak ajak my sis tengok, haih dia takkan tengok nye lar. Online japs then off to bed joining the boys.

Sahur the next day, umi cooked fried rice. Walaupon sedap, I can only managed to eat few bites je. Did totally nothing on Saturday. Ada la my mom ajak pergi mall but that time dah noon and macam malas and panas. Duduk diam-diam je kat rumah. For sahur on Sunday, umi masak nasi lemak. Dapat la jugak merasa. Again, Sunday was purely spent lazing around, watching tv, sleep and also layan Mika. Dad went to his office, my bro and sis buat hal sendiri and Mika memang la dengan I kan. My mom ada la tengok-tengok but she needed to prepare for Iftar and asked me to fully concentrate on Mika. Penat and emo kejap bila hubby decided to proceed his Iftar plan with his friends. Since I tak drive, my bro and sis tolong hantar balik and that concluded my weekend but it was alright, I got to spend time with my family and most importantly my son, puas hati gaks. Not to forget, I did tahpau that sambal ikan bilis and had it for my sahur on Monday morning.

Come Monday, it was such a crazy day. Busy with product also doing the allocation and settling some stuffs, but masih sempat online shopping ;) Tuesday is worse sebab whole day meeting. Baru duduk kejap dah meeting balik, I tak sempat nak buat my product pon. Also I cannot fast tapi tak boleh makan betul-betul. I brought bread and sausage so makan tuh je and some dates. Malam je tidokan Mika dengan I tertido sekali sampai ke pagi. Hubby sahur pon sendiri and he doesn't mind. Plus dia pon bukan jenis makan bersungguh-sungguh gaks. Today pon lebih kurang macam semalam. Despite all the meetings and whatnot, I managed to complete my product. Though it's due only next Monday but I do not like last minute work. Will try to complete it asap so that at least by the time nak clear no need to rush. Because of that hectic schedule, I did not have time to blog let alone surf etc. Hopefully tomorrow ok sikit but I do have some news to tell the team. We will see how it goes. Okay peeps, entry panjang lebar..nite!

Friday, August 20, 2010

take five

Office sangat sejuk. Jari² dah numb. Selalu jarang I pakai jacket ke apa sebab memang tak sejuk. Jacket company lagi la tak pakai..cam tak cantik :P hehehe..last I pakai time pregnant dulu kot sebab nak cover perut. So tak pakai jacket, substitute with something else ie cardigan sampai all basic color dah ada. Terlebih sejuk sekarang sebab puasa, no heat. Duh, macam tak tahu. Cakap pasal puasa, so far Mika belum bangun sahur ngan we all lagi. If terbangun akan tido balik sampai around 6. Senang sikit nak sahur tapi..keadaan sangat berbeza bila berbuka. Dia pon nak join sekali. Sibuk nak duduk dalam high chair. Kalau ajak dia naik atas tengok his fav videos or channel, memang dia tak nak sebab he knows that everyone is having their dinner downstairs. If I bring him to the front nak tengok tv ke pon dia tak nak. Nak gak join makan. So I akan take turn with hubby makan. Of course hubby makan dulu.

Puasa is good sebab I manage to lose weight! Hehehe. As to date, I manage to shed that extra kgs and I have another half to lose to get back to my original weight. Harap² bertahan la sampai bila². Last week I pergi amik my baju raya..3 altogether and baju tuh memang muat² ikut cutting. So kalau tergemuk memang kena alter. So far, sangat puas hati with my baju raya this year. Last year beli siap je 2 pasang, then this year meriah sikit sebab ada 4! 1 kain tuh I dapat time tunang..2006, ni baru nak wat baju! Then 1 kain lagi I bought early 2008 konon nak pakai raya 2008 tapi dah terpregnant and another 1 my sister belikan kat Bandung last year. Just that, I'm lacking of blue/green color as all my baju are in purple/orange/pink shades.

On the other note, my finger dah tak berbalut dah and it's getting better. I have decided to cover it up only when I am at home with Mika or doing house chores just to protect kot terkopek lagi sekali ke kan susah. Also time nak kena air tuh I masih pakai gloves. Going back to Subang today for Iftar and also spend 2 nights there. Can't wait for mom's cooking. Harap² my mom buat nasi lemak for sahur this weekend. Her sambal tumis ikan bilis sangat sedap. I selalu makan dengan roti and a cup of nescafe for breakfast/lunch/tea time or even dinner. Sangat terliur sekarang. Hari tuh I pesan kat dia nak mintak tolong buat stok so boleh bawak balik, harap² dia tak lupa. It's getting cold and colder here, I better walk around.

How can I forget..my son turns 20 months today!! 4 more months he will be 2 :):)  Alhamdulillah.

Happy 20 months old Ahmad Mikhail Haris..
WE love you..as always :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

shopping juadah berbuka

baru balik from bazaar. hubby off today but he got training so we all pergi office sekali. kan best kalau hari-hari mcm ni. bila la nak dapat normal hr with that much of salary..hmmm. tapi Alhamdulillah la still ada kerja. so what did we buy? for myself ikan cencaru sambal, hubby amik ikan keli berlada his fav then lauk sampingan adalah kupang goreng, sambal tempe, sayur pucuk manis msk lemak, murtabak for buka n sahur and also kuih cara berlauk. bnyk pulak! okla,nak pegi fetch mika. selamat berbuka!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

after 6 days..

What a hectic day today, as expected. Meeting from 10 - 2 and after that settle some issues with the team. Nak chat with one of my girls pon tak dapat. If she online, memang best. We know each other too well and we do think alike. In short, happy bila dapat borak dengan orang sekepala ni. Now that's what I call a friend.

Balik office almost everyone asked about my finger. Terharu. I nak explain pon segan sebenarnya coz one finger je but if tak serious, takkan doc suruh I rest at home kan? Ni baru je tukar plaster and I must say it's getting better, Alhamdulillah. Takde dah hitam-hitam darah beku tuh..yang ada macam cut baru nak sambung kulit. Okay, gross. I know by right I should biar dia open camtuh..what if terkena pape then darah balik..tak nak! Takpe la for these 2 days let it be plus tak ketat pon. So if I nak show kat orang, still boleh nampak :D

Am planning for an Iftar together with the girls..so far everyone agrees to go next weekend, one more to confirm. Place pulak still deciding but this yr ingat nak Iftar kat luar je. Last year we went to Eisha's and the year before was at Parade. 2008 I preggie 6 months, Ereen baru je nak tahu dia preggie and Erin baru ada Tasha..year 2009 ada Mika, Bella not to forget dear Thaqif tapi Ereen tak bawak and this year the kids pon dah besar-besar. I wonder what's in store next year? ;) Cepat betul masa kan..next year je I dah masuk 3 series!

Monday, August 16, 2010

first time buka puasa kat PH

Yesterday first time buka puasa kat rumah sendiri. I spent the day kat Subang and petang tuh around 5, baru balik PH. Hubby tak ikut so I asked him to buy juadah berbuka kat area PH first and dah settle baru I gerak. My mom cam ajak buka kat rumah and honestly I pon nak sebab save duit dan makan ramai2 kan best..tapi hubby cakap buka kat PH je plus tak pernah pon buka kat PH lagi. I tak kisah senarnye, just that you know la..susah nak buat kerja rumah dengan jari macam ni and I paling tak suka suruh hubby wash dishes ke, kemas ke, basuh baju takpe :P sebab I prefer to do it on my own.

Before balik, my mom bekalkan kari daging, sayur kacang panjang goreng, sambal tempoyak, otak-otak dan nasi..nasi pon nak bekal sebab I buat muka kesian cakap balik nanti baru nak masak and that time it was already 5 :P Pastu I pesan dah kat hubby tak payah beli lauk banyak sbb I dah bawak balik lauk, I just nak tauhu sumbat and maybe some kuih but that was not the case. He bought gulai siput sedut, tempe + ikan bilis goreng, kupang masak dengan kacang panjang, ayam masak merah dan ikan keli for dia and semua pon my favourite. Memang tak habis la semalam. I tak sempat nak makan otak-otak, sayur my mom buat, sambal tempoyak dan ayam masak merah pon. Siput sedut wajib makan sebab favourite :P And with Mika around, punya la susah nak makan dengan aman. Dia sikit lagi nak jatuh from his high chair sebab berdiri, nasib la I sempat sambut. Ish budak ni..kalau kat Subang at least I do not have to worry part kemas2 sebab if I kemas, my mom or sis akan wash the dishes but when I'm at PH, kena buat sendiri. That's the downside. Note: bukan I tak suka kemas2, but movement sangat limited. I so hate it macam tak boleh nak buat apa. Hubby said to leave the dirty dishes in the sink and he will wash them up later but I suruh dia handle Mika je. Clean him up while I take care of everything kat bawah. I will try to clean up as much as I could and maybe he could wash the dishes later..end up..I buat semua, baru puas hati! Dengan glove pon, glove lar..janji siap :D

So today berbuka kat rumah lagi and feel like having Chicken Kabsah lar. Hubby will buy it otw home nanti. Selamat berbuka everyone!

Monday already? Oh, takpe..still on MC

Erk..Monday dah? Tapi still ok sebab I am still on MC :) Lama kan? Pagi tadi pergi hosp, removed stitches. Jari still buruk and still lagi sakit kalau sentuh2 sebab wound still recovering. Also sebab jari deria rasa dia sensitif kan? Bandage pon tak payah pakai dah just for today I mintak plaster sebab still ngilu nak tengok. I rasa akan berplaster kot selama yang boleh..cam sakit je kalau kena air ke apa. Terus cam rasa nak pakai glove cam wedding2..over! Masa nak bukak stitches tuh sakit sikit sebab benang dah lekat ngan darah beku, so time dia tarik tuh lekat2..I cam dah imagine dia tarik benang terus darah2 cam that day but Alhamdulillah, takde. Tapi still ada problem nak makan ngan tangan, pegang pen and also buat kerja for now..doc said it will take 1-2 months to fully heal and darah2 beku tuh akan terkopek dengan sendirinya...ewwww!! 

As usual pergi my sis tolong dropkan and balik my mom amik. Masa my mom amik tuh, I teringat zaman2 sekolah..habis sekolah kalau dia ada kat rumah sure sanggup jemput, terus rasa cam budak2 balik. Sempat lagi my mom ajak gi Carrefour, dia nak wat grocery shopping. Best ok shopping dengan emak sebab bila I amik barang mahal2 dia cakap, eh kan ada same thing tapi cheaper..siap tunjuk kan mana nak dapat celery murah dan of coz quality sama bezanya yang mahal tuh ada daun2 and I tak makan pon daun2 tuh. Kalau ikut I, sure dah amik yang mahal and tak realise pon pasal daun2. Pulak my mom ni satu Carrefour dia tawaf. I cam kalau nak beli grocery, beli tuh je la..dia tak..we all shopped dr bawah sampai la bayar kat cashier atas sekali bahagian electronics tuh. Kan dah cakap, my mom memang kaki jalan, masa beli barang2 kahwin dulu lagi la..I yang cam penat sangat, dia ok je. I can never compete her bab2 jalan ni.

Sekarang I kat Subang, jap lagi la kot baru balik. Ingat nak gi bazaar kat sini. Tomorrow is back to work day ada meeting thru lunch laks tuh..but ok gaks, kekadang I rasa if takde meeting satu hari cam dull, cam otak tak berkembang dok adap PC je. Alright, later!

Friday, August 13, 2010

the injured finger

I have been contemplating of nak letak ke tak nak letak pic injury and finally decided to publish it. Well, to some macam tak serious kot but to me jari i macam buruk! Rupa runcing tuh macam takde je (macam la runcing sangat jari tuh :P). So if you wanna have a look, please do so. Kalau tak berani, ignore it :)






(I've tried to use the jump break function and somehow it does not work!!) 
Pics were taken on Day 3 after the incident. As you can see, still macam lebam2. Benang2 tuh menggelikan kan..buruk sungguh jari. I really hope ok cepat sebab sangat rimas berbandage ni. Next checkup is this Monday to take out the stitches. Please be okay..

Set the pics to smallest size, so if you wanna have a clearer view, pls click on it to enlarge ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


hari ni i did not do much. after sending mika, check emails, catch up with the team and settle some queries. thank god my team members are independent enough and have this sense of ownerships when it comes to their products. basically i do not hv to interfere much unless needed. things are a lot easier too now as my new appointed senior can be relied on. my right wing team mate pon sangat membantu and with that i thank you all for stepping in during my absense. my manager and fellow TLs pon ada tolong tengok kan my team. phew, lega di situ. if possible i tak nakla susahkan org. done with that i tengok tv non stop and around 2, tertido and this time no interruption. best sleep ever in months. fetched mika around 5.30 then headed to subang. as hubby is working tonight, i am spending the night here. for iftar, my mum cooked kari ikan, kangkung goreng, begedil and rendang semalam ada lagi also leftover of yesterday's tauhu sumbat. alhamdulillah, lauk simple tapi sedap. spoil mood sikit sebab i had to entertain mika sambil makan, menguji kesabaran betul. for sahur tomorrow my mum plan nak masak mee goreng. i told her i can just eat bread ke sbb i memang tak mkn sahur sangat but lupa pulak my sis and bro sure nak kan. bukan tak nak tolong masak tapi mmg dr dulu my mom suka buat sorang2 and will only call me bila dah siap. plus tgn i kan tak ok, nothing much i boleh buat :p one of the advantages staying at subang part makan2 tak perlu risau coz thats my biggest concern considering the fact that i am hopeless when it comes to cooking. senang hati sikit. ok, nite peeps!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

test blogging from ipod

Today berbuka kat Subang.i memang at ph before that.after hantar mika this morning went to sdmc to change my dressing.driving is not a problem for me tapi i need my sis to send me to sdmc coz its difficult to find parking there.amazingly kejap je dah settle.tak sampai 1 jam pon.my sis fetched me soon after and i mintak tlg dia again to drive me to pyramid sbb nak change mika's shoes.finally dpt gaks beli @clarks.it was a gift frm my mum senarnye.thnks umi!mummy mika pon still tak dpt lagi that wedges that i hv been eyeing for quite some time tunggu sale la kot. rm300 for a pair of wedges mcm unreasonable je..tapi cantik! hubby, take note eh ;) for buka today my mum masak sup tulang, ikan tenggiri masak lemak, tauhu sumbat, rendang ayam, ikan parang goreng dan ulam kacang botol. marvellous tapi makan dgn fork n spoon tak feel langsung. i makan sikit je. boleh la kurus camni :p if u notice content agak lintang pukang coz its difficult to blog with an ipod. takpela janji paham. ok peeps, eventhough im on mc i still need to catch my sleep. nite!

sunday's activity part II

Day of incident:

Sunday evening and otw out from parking Pyramid. Konon pas pergi Pyramid, nak drop Mika kat Subang then hubby and me boleh pergi nice dinner somewhere. Macam mana leh jadi..I pergi sorok smart tag bawah car seat, smart idea huh? Nak keluar parking kena la tag kan, time tuh I kelam kabut la cari..dah la gelap then suddenly kena benda tajam. I cam melompat sebab terkejut then ingat cam luka kena pisau je but it was NOT! darah banyak betul so I wrapped my finger in Mika's hanky and put pressure onto it. Mika ingat I main2 sebab I buat bunyi sakit dia leh laks gelak2 sambil try nak capai Aunty Anne's pretzel. Told hubby to send Mika first then pergi clinic sebab tengok luka dalam and the skin..terkopek, siap cam ada bubble sbb dah masuk angin..yikeesss! Terus hantar Mika and headed straight to the nearby clinic. Time I tunjuk kat doc my finger, blood macam menitik2, she had to refer me to hosp and will put on the bandage first.

time ni the nurse tengah cuci and yg circle tuh drops of blood, well some of it

Off we went to SJMC now SDMC sebab tuh paling dekat. Orang pulak ramai! I had to wait for 2 hours for my turn. I tau la mine minor injury compared to others but 2 hours at ER? Overloaded sgt la hosp ni. Katil tak banyak, staff pon sikit je and yet Subang kan ramai orang! Benda kejap jadi lama sebab kena tunggu. I tanya doc if tak jahit boleh tak, dia cakap have to sebab deep cut. Although dia bius time nak jahit, but the injection itself dah sakit..dia inject betul2 kat tempat V jari kita tuh..2 kali left and right. I try nak ingat my epi shot sebab tuh lagi sakit kot tapi tak ingat ye..but then again, masa epi shot tuh I cam leh pose lagi amik pic :P Tak tahan bila dia picit nak bersihkan and bila doc tanya rasa tak, dah kebas tak? Oucchh!! Sakit laarr

Jari yang tercedera, macam rose pon ada
Can see the blood? Dah tukar 2nd dressing and yet still bleeding
Muka control sakit dan letih tunggu
Banyak pulak emergency case weekend ni
some of the stuffs used

Time jahit hubby tak leh stay. Kena jahit 5 stitches..not sure la banyak ke tak. So once dah jahit, movement very limited. Tak leh kena air, tak leh tulis and type pon guna index finger for the right hand. Doc straight away gave me 5 days of MC to rest.

Pagi tadi baru pergi tukar dressing. Wound review: lebam, no puss tapi ada darah beku kat atas wound tuh..messy..nanti la I post the pics in another entry :) Kena datang again next Monday and hopefully by then boleh bukak stitches dah. Rimas la tak leh bergerak bebas. For that stitch, I kena RM231 but it's claimable and on top of that dapat allowance, thanks to Prudential Takaful ;)

salam ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan kepada semua! 
Puasa elok-elok, cakap benda baik-baik je tau, baru la berkat :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sunday's activity part I

On Sunday, pergi rumah bbsitter Mika lunch time sebab ada kenduri doa selamat. Mika punya style sekarang cepat emo dan suka2 hati dia je nak nangis depan orang ramai. Tak kenal orang iye jugak, sigh. So kalau new places and faces mula2 tuh, memang dia akan nangis lar. Mika mika..tau pulak kamu takut yer. After that, balik rumah kejap to change clothes then we went out again and this time with a mission ---> to find Mika's shoes. Susah betul nak cari kasut dia. Our initial plan, beli kasut with Mika then only drop Mika at Subang but lain pulak jadi nya (will be covered in next entry). Okay here are some pics taken from the kenduri.

Mika playing with bbsitter's sister yang juga tolong jaga Mika now

ni mak kepada bbsitter which also tolong jaga kan Mika. Mika panggil dia Tok Mama
smile sampai mata kecik
ni la 'Mama' Mika and that baby pon Mama tuh jaga

saturday's activities

Ok, ni cerita last Saturday. Before the 'incident'. What incident? Nanti I cerita later :)

Headed to Subang in the morning right after hubby balik from his PM shift. I had roti cicah kurma ayam freshly made by mom for breakfast. Tunggu my sis bangun sambil tuh mandikan Mika. Pastu I pass Mika to my mom sebab I nak keluar with my sis. First stop, pergi PKNS, nak beli baju melayu Mika. Manage to buy one complete with samping and I just love the color. I pon dapat beli sepasang baju kurung same theme with Mika. Although I dah buat baju tapi color dia lain sikit so I cari la baju yang boleh match with Mika. Pasni, hubby kena cari his baju melayu to match our baju pulak. Told my sis that I wanted to buy a perfume then she said ada this shop at SACC mall selling. Sangat pening nak choose which perfume. I paling suka Incanto by SF but EDT je. Last I settle for Pretty by EA and it's EDP. In few minutes, dah dapat beli macam2.

Tapi..I still have not get what I really want, shoes! Ajak my sis pergi Empire, dia ok jer. Headed straight to C&K and lama gaks we all stuck kat situ. Nak design tuh takde size then kena cari design lain and also rambang mata sebab semua pon cantik. Tengah pilih, I saw my SIL. I memang tak call dia before datang sebab err..segan. Guess I was lucky enough sebab dia kerja, so dapat la discount ;) I bought myself a pair of shoes and a handbag. My sis pon beli handbag. My SIL recommended this and that and really appreciate sebab dia still nak layan we all walaupon customers cam ramai. All these 3 items dapat discount..yeay! Thank you Kak Mas, she really made our day. Tahpau the oh so famous red velvet and chocolate cake and kembali pulang ke pangkal jalan. My sister cakap I memang betul2 shopping. Well, ni la jadi nya bila shopping without hubby.

Good news, hubby tak kerja this weekend. He came by around 3 and wanted to send his car to Kenny (abah's friend and we all biasa hantar kat dia to service our cars). Went with my sis and bawak Mika sekali sebab dia duduk rumah tak nak sleep. Masuk kereta je terus tidur budak kecik tuh. Hujan, air-cond, kereta goyang2..perfect condition untuk tidur. Sampai rumah, my mom ajak pergi dinner and apa lagi, mandi and siap semua. Letih sebab non stop jalan tapi at the same time happy dapat barang2 and got to spend time with family. We went to Cozy Corner, Ampang Park.

Enjoy the pics!

suruh Mika smile muka dia menjadi begini
three is a family :)
my bro & sis enjoying their dinner
pantang nampak escalator
mika masam sebab tak dapat balloon
he did it again..smile sampai mata pon tak nampak
jom balik!

injured :(:(

Hello there. I ada 4 entry in draft. Pending sebab jari tak leh nak type banyak2. Nanti I post one by one, will try. Pic sume dah letak, just nak tulis content tuh slow sikit. Injured dan dapat MC 1 week. Will tell u more later, stay tuned ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

weekend is here again

Friday night supposed to be the best night of all nights besides Saturday night la kan but here I am online and alone. Mika dah sleep and hubby is on PM shift this week. Good thing is, he is on half day tomorrow ke full day off and Sunday dia off. Yeay! Original plan for today is to go back Subang after hubby off to work tapi my mom told me last night dia ada dinner pulak kat Sime Darby Convention Centre, last minute invite from her friend. She said I can still balik but not sure who would be around bila I sampai. Faham2 je la Friday night, everybody got their own plans. So the thought of balik Subang and no one is there, baik I stay PH je. At least I could do some laundry or kemas apa yang patut.

Plan for this weekend is to do some shopping. I have some things in the list, we will see if I manage to buy all these stuffs. This entry is my 400th entry, banyak betul membebel dah. Night and have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

hot dog hot dog

Hot dog hot dog hot dog..dance Mika dance :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

real moms

Someone posted this on FB and I just have to re-post this. Simply love it!
"To all the real moms who trade their eyeliners for dark circles, salon
cuts for ponytails, long showers for quick showers, late nights for early
mornings, designer bags for diaper bags and wouldn't change a thing.
Lets see how many moms re-post this. This is for the moms who don't care
about what they gave up instead LOVE what they get ...in return.
Re-post this if you're a mom and love your kids!"
What to do now? Hubby is out for his futsal game and Mika is asleep. One basket full of Mika's clothes waiting to be fold but I just do not have the mood to do it now. Today cuti basuh baju Mika coz it's hubby's turn to do it. Although by right that is the wifey job but hubby gives full co-operation on this. That day when I brought this up with one of my gurls, I even got full support from her. No maid so kena la equally divide. Hmmm..I pon tak tahu sampai bila nak basuh separate baju Mika. I still guna that NappiKleen to wash his clothes and sanggup basuh tangan just to make sure tak mix dengan baju we all. Sampai berapa tahun eh nak kena pakai detergent baby ni? Anyone?

I balik on the dot coz hubby off today. Before fetch Mika, pergi pasar malam yang dah lama betul tak pergi. Not that hungry, so beli bihun sup for me, yong tofu for hubby and some keropok for dinner. Tuh pon makan tak habis. Okay this post is like really heading to no where. Wanna watch CSI @721 :) Eh kan I sibuk2 cakap about this kan? It's now showing at Cinemax. Jap lagi ada at 11. Tapi banyak betul dia potong. Tak best! As I am writing this entry, I am chatting with er, what should I call him..once before macam someone close to me..he knows me well bila I mention about SBS. He said half-naked men, sure la I suka..LOL..ala, okay la sebab I tengok pon dengan dear hubby. Hubby sangat sporting bila I cakap nak dream about Spartacus or Crixus (nama hero2 dalam cerita ni) dah dah...okay peeps, nite!


Firstly, title tak kena mengena with this first para. Applied to the 2nd one only. Woke up 10mins to 6 this morning sebab anakanda tercinta suruh bangun. “Mommy, angun, angun..lampu..yak” Mika punya style pagi² mesti yak. In a way good dia buat bisnes everyday but if I’m alone, no choice..have to get up. Tapi sempat la I lelap kejap sementara tunggu dia berbisnes dan dah abis tuh boleh pulak dia lari² tak nak tukar pampers. So bermula la informal exercise di waktu pagi mengejar anak yang sengaja je buli mak dia. Ni baru anak sorang, totally respect those yang ada anak 2 ke atas and without helper. Pagi ni je Mika dah jatuh 2 kali. Satu dia golek² kat katil then jatuh, satu lagi dia panjat sofa. Dah siap bersihkan dia, tukar pampers and baju, I masuk la bilik konon nak sambung tido sebab masih awal and it was raining..dia ikut jugak and thought boleh la cuddle² ke apa but NO…dia panjat turun katil, baling pillow ke bawah, lompat² atas katil. Memang tak bagi chance langsung I nak sambung tidur.

The night before I had a good chat with my sis and hubby. I told them something and my sister punya response I like! Kata sisters kan, so pemikiran mesti la sama. Ntah apa kena ntah kan dut..macam psycho pon ada. Haih, orang macam ni pon ada dalam dunia ni. Nak attention, sanggup buat apa saja. All I managed to do was laugh and laugh infact am still laughing..I even told my bestfriend bout this and she said why waste my time, just let it go..buat semak je. She even said..nah, some things are better left unspoken or in this case..unwritten :) How I miss my gurls..rindu nye nak gelak² and gossip². To my sis and hubby and gurls (if cerita kat Faz sure dia pon tak suka), thank you for understanding ;)

every you every me

this song brings back memories. still remember the movie?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mmu convo

Last Saturday was my bro-in-law's convo day. Congratulations to him ;) We did not go to MMU but met up at Marriot Putrajaya for lunch instead. Mika tak tidur from morning guess sebab dia terlebih excited macam tahu it was weekend and his parents were around. Otw, he managed to sleep for half and hour like that. Time tuh dia tengah makan coco pops dan terus tertidur. Mata dah tutup pon tangan masih gerak cari coco pops. Cute je.

All of hubby's family members were there and we had buffet lunch tapi the choice of food tak banyak sangat so I did not really eat pon (tak makan konon, i makan nasi minyak sikit and few cucuk of satay) then I banyak makan fruit and desserts. After that, they decided to go back to MMU to take some photos there. One thing about Mika, dia tak boleh sit still. So imagine orang ramai² nak snap photo dia tak sabar terus nak jalan sana sini. Tuh yang leceh tuh. I told hubby to proceed sebab family dia kan, biar I kejar Mika (with heels *sigh*). Time posing depan MMU sign board tuh, my SIL's husband boleh pulak tersnap gambar candid I, nanti you all tengok pic last sekali. So funnyyyy! We reached home around 5 then hubby mandikan dia and I put him to sleep. Mika pandai bila I suruh dia sleep with his daddy, dia cakap "Nak Mommy..sleep" By 8 dia dah tidur and hubby and me marathon tengok SBS sampai habis. I really like that series lar. It's really something apart from the topless men with six packs. Now mari layan pics!

mommy nak jugak posing..while the son tak kisah langsung
we were entertained by this group of musicians (not too sure what to call them as quartet refers to 4 ppl and this one only has 3..anyone?)
the lady in red is my 2nd SIL and her hubby is the one in stripy shirt, sitting across them are my PIL
this is my 1st SIL, husband and daughter. she's expecting another one ;)
Mika showing off to his cousin Sarah
iphone sangat kid friendly, even Mika at this young age knows how to navigate around it
he knows where to press and look for his applications, mostly nursery rhymes and fun stuff
alololo..sweet je. macam borak² je mereka ni, age gap 3 yrs kot
dapat this balloon from the clown tapi kejap je then pecah
he looks like big boy dah kan?
sombong eh Mika..time ni my SIL's husband snap kan photo, dia macam malu kot kat his uncle so dia main jeling² je

group photo
from left: 2nd SIL, her husband, BIL's gf, BIL, 1st SIL's husband, hubby, me, Mika, Sarah, 1st SIL, MIL & PIL

tengok ni!! 
boleh pulak my SIL's husband tersnap this pic. apa punya posing lar
(sila ignore spare part kat tummy tuh, kan dah cakap gemuk..uhuhu)
actual pic..i tengah tengok Mika tak leh duduk diam, orang nak amik gambar dia sibuk lari2 dan juga sebab panas, ngada betul. that pretty much explains the pose :P