Sunday, July 11, 2010

title..title..cannot think of one!

Writing an entry at midnight?? The thing is, internet was down half of the day today and also because I did not get the chance to go online when it was back up running. Pagi tadi hubby balik kerja I tengok dia tengah configure apa ntah and was on phone with the TM person. Good thing this is his line of work, so dia tau la what the real problem is and with that, it helped to speed up the configuration here from our end. Please don't ask me to do this, tentu saya lost. Nasib dah okay cepat, at first orang TM cakap Monday baru ok sebab weekend. Seriously life without internet, macam dull sangat, especially here in PH..huhuh

I did not do anything much pon hari ni. Hubby balik kerja and had to sleep. He woke up lunch time and after that dia study while me entertained Mika yang tak nak tido pagi langsung but later on surrendered at 1.30pm. My sister dropped by kejap this morning to pass cupcakes yang my cousin buat all the way from Terengganu, rendang ayam and also durian! That day rasa macam nak sangat makan durian kuning2 tuh, what a co-incidence. Dapat gaks. Tapi I'm not a hardcore eater, I try to tapi tak boleh ar. 2 ulas max sekali makan. Sangat delicious. Rendang ayam signature dish my mom I buat makan lunch. Thanks to my sis tolong passkan and thanks to my mom for the rendang and durian :)

Around 6 we had dinner outside. Ingat nak gi Bumbu Bali but then with Mika macam tak aman je nak makan so we opted for Ayam Penyet. Tak ramai orang so kalau Mika nak buat perangai ke, takde la malu sangat. Mika bukan la suka mengamuk ke apa, just that dia tak leh nak duduk diam. Ada je benda dia nak wat. Haih..sungguh mencabar. Tapi tadi nasib dia layan iphone, so senyap je la.

Later at night hubby and me watched Clash of the Titans. Lama dah tak movie night since WC la ni. I like the movie and Gemma Arterton macam cantik in this movie. She acted in Prince of Persia and Quantum of Solace. Sam Worthington, the guy in Avatar is the main actor. Okay la, off to bed kot. Nite peeps! Uruguay vs Germany, naahh..tak perlu la nak tengok but see la how kalau hubby ajak tengok sekali nanti.

p/s: semalam I cakap nak sweep & mop rumah kan..well, tak jadi pon. I shopped online instead! I knew it, lazy bum btol

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