Friday, July 9, 2010

thursday's night yang sihat

Morning. Semalam aktiviti ‘sihat’ sungguh. Don't get me wrong yer, just that I had an early dinner (dinner dah awal dah tapi makan KFC!) around 7 while hubby mandikan and put on Mika’s pjs. He then entertained Mika while I dinner and layan E-News. It was almost 8 by the time I'm done and time for Mika to sleep and hubby’s turn to eat. Hubby cakap he wanted to watch Predator with his friends..silakan. Sebab dah malam and Mika nak sleep and also he had been studying hard for the past few days (2 papers dah pass, Alhamdulillah and congrats sayang! 2 papers to go..YOU CAN DO IT!) so no harm la kan nak tengok movie or go out with his friends. See, I can be flexible here but just don’t cross the line OK?

I told hubby takkan nak terus baring sebab I baru makan..hubby cakap duduk je la. The thing is, if Mika sees me sit ke apa, for sure dia tak nak tido and ingat nak main. Nak tak nak I terpaksa la baring sekali. Mika as usual babbling this and that, memang non stop ok dia cakap..ada je benda dia cakap. I layan so and so je coz tak nak dia active balik. Then my mom called around 8 cakap tak jadi nak drop by (she wanted to drop by in the evening at first to pass something to us but ada hal kat rumah so tak jadi then night time pon macam dah lambat)..ok takpe la..I baring balik and sedar² dah pukul 9. Mika was fast asleep so I thought of to go downstairs and clean up the kitchen coz hubby last makan kan and also pack Mika’s bag. Before that tengok highlight Germany vs Spain (nice goal Puyol!) tapi 10 mins after that terus tak larat dan tak turun dan tak pack pon Mika's bag and I pon join Mika sleep, ni semua sebab KFC and lepas makan terus baring ni. So ‘healthy’ huh?

I siap mimpi lagi. I was with a group of friends and it so happen macam ada virus attack (yes, I mmg zombie freak :P) so I had to stay in this group at this house konon kalau keluar boleh kena virus tuh. In that dream I was wearing only short and sleeveless, normal wear la kalau kat rumah and this friend of mine boleh pulak comment “Dulu kalau you pakai baju ni, sure ok baju tuh tak nak turun pon” I think what this friend of mine meant was baju tuh tersekat kat tummy I..hahaha..psycho! Sampai mimpi.  So to make myself feel better, this morning I decided to wear this new pair of black skinny jeans I bought month ago kot tapi tak pakai lagi. Okay, muat tapi sangat ketat! Hubby dah geleng² kepala tengok I nak pakai jugak and while putting it on, macam terpaksa lompat² sebab ketat kan, Mika pulak ingat I main² dia pon lompat² for today, I’m wearing this tight pants just to proof that it can still fit me. Alasan, seluar ketat la..huhuh..tapi tak sedar diri lagi, pergi beli breakfast fried rice pulak. I plan dah malam ni hubby kerja what I want to do is to sweep and mop the house, up and down. Mika pon sleeping that let see if I manage to do that tonight or will the history repeats? Will update you later :D


Adekniza said...

Mana ade gemuk!!!
Kalau u gemuk, I nie category apa? T_T

raF|za said...

hehe..adaaa..bukan gemuk la senarnye cam excess fat :P u baru je deliver okay..i ni 1.5 yr dah T_T