Wednesday, July 7, 2010

tak habis²..but i like lar

Morning everyone. Actually nothing much to blog about pon. Just that I can't wait for tomorrow's morning game. Harap² bangun la. Last night I spent the night alone + Mika coz hubby is on PM shift this week. Sambil online sambil tengok TV and I banyak tengok FWC Highlights, tengok balik match² dulu and kejap je WC dah nak habis. Yeah, I still babbling about this WC thingy, so what 4 years once only. Nak cakap I suka bola not that fanatic la but takde la tak suka. Dah memang from small tengok bola then my dad, brother and sister pon memang tengok. Tuh sebab my mom pon boleh tahu this goalkeeper hebat, that team main tak best, team England ramai handsome² errk..Dapat pulak hubby yang memang kaki bola. But selalu I suka team opposite from him. Eg he likes Inter, I suka Milan tapi when it comes to WC, both of us will be rooting for Italy as the main fav then baru tengok team² lain eg Spain, Netherlands..Portugal tuh I sorang je suka just because of you-know-who :P By this time I'm sure you will throw up gila² if I mention his name again.

Today ada meeting through lunch. 12-3pm. Tak suka la..sebab time tuh macam tak productive but then again, work is work. Hubby's would only be working on Mon, Tues and Friday this week and Wed and Thurs next week. Dah la last week pon dia kerja Wed and Thurs je. Best betul! Speaking about work, I better get back to work. Later :)

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