Monday, July 12, 2010

spain - the World Cup 2010 about that? :D

Well done Spain!! 
Euro 2008 champ and now World Cup 2010 champ??
Good job!!

Hubby woke me up 15mins before the game, mula² memang la I bising sebab tak start lagi napa nak kejut awal, then bila nampak muka Cannavaro pass the WC trophy terus cam senyum dan hilang ngantuk, isshh..wife sapa la ni :D Also hubby cakap nanti I bising sebab tak dapat tengok players nyanyi national anthem (I suka this part sebab memang close up habis especially in HD, semua pon boleh nampak) so that’s why dia kejut awal. Okay thanks sayang :)

To make me stay awake, he made me a cup of black coffee and also ada la snacks. For him, dia siap reheat fried rice leftover from dinner the night before and asked me to eat also tapi tak lalu la nak makan..I just want to watch the game. What I can say about this game, Netherlands banyak chance gile nak score! Robben macam all out and sadly Van Persie tak buat apa sangat pon which is actually good la kan sebab I don’t want Spain to lose. Yes, Spain memang main pass² bola and sebab majority of the team is from Barcelona (Barcelona macam dah mini Spain) and they have been trained that way (source ni all from hubby lar, macam la I tahu sangat they all main camne kan..) Masa tengah tengok tuh, camera focus kat audience then I cakap.."Eh Nelson Mandela lar..." Hubby looked at me in disbelief and replied "Bukan lar, tuh Morgan Freeman!" Mana la nak tahu, muka macam sama. Then seconds after that, someone texted hubby cakap "Itu bukan Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman lar" EH EH EH..what a co-incidence! I'm not the only one yang ingatkan tuh Nelson Mandela rupanya :D There’s this one Spanish player, Jesus Navas..his eyes, cantik betul. Tak caya, sila google image. The game led to ET and nasib la Iniesta score, if not penalty shoot out which I don’t quite like sebab dia macam base on luck. Iniesta is the man with help from Fernando Torres aka El Nino of course.

Best best best, really made my Monday. 4 yrs 4 yrs will be in Brazil and I wonder what will happen in 4 yrs time..Mika dah almost 6 yrs old and is there any baby no 2 or perhaps 3?? And age, haish..just don't want to think about it now. I went back to sleep after that and ingat memang la I tak cukup tido or terlambat bangun ke..but amazingly I macam cukup je tidur and managed to wake up before 7am and left the house 35mins after that. I love you WC 2010, see you in 4 yrs time. To the Spanish team, you have beaten strong teams like Germany (twice ok..euro 2008 finale then WC 2010 semi final) and now the Oranje, really ON FORM lar..oh I like that ON FORM word :D Congratulations again and again!


nazira aziz said...

damn you de jong for kicking my alonso!

dutch main kotorrrr.

apapon ESPANA!!!!!!!!!!!

raF|za said...

tuh laa..kick macam tuh kat chest pulak tuh..kasar gile main. dah kalah tuh kalah la..huhuh