Tuesday, July 13, 2010

roadtax renewal thru myeg

My roadtax is due today. Meaning from tomorrow onwards dah kena ada yang baru la. Tapi all dah settle, thanks to Ros’ hubby. Some of my colleagues memang dah pernah renew with her hubby so I decided to give it a try. I pernah try login to myEG and konon nak buat sendiri but what the heck..sangat blur! So since her hubby boleh tolong buatkan thru myEG, why not. Quite fast service dia. Buat on Thursday, Friday dah dapat. I just need to provide him cover note of last year’s insurance and that’s it and of course money ;) Thanks to Ros & hubby! No hassle nak kena pergi post office etc. Just that bila renew thru myeg, dia akan check outstanding summon la..and yours truly memang ada outstanding summon.

Actually I dah tahu since 2008. Then last yr when I renewed my roadtax lepas je hence the delay. It happened masa I follow hubby outstation kat Kuala Kangsar in early ’08. Hubby la speeding and we did go to Bukit Aman after that to reduce the amount tapi were told to go to Kuala Kangsar. Jauh gile! So nak tak nak settlekan je la terus. I claim kat hubby la sebab dia yang drive :D

Last night I went to bed early, say at 8pm? Dah la tuh right after dinner. OMG, I cannot let this go on lar. From today onwards, it’s either I tidurkan Mika dulu baru makan or hubby tolong tidurkan dulu. Bukan I tak nak hubby buat, just that I suka bila I buat sebab that’s the time boleh hug, kiss and geram² kat Mika like no tomorrow. Then time tuh jugak I akan cakap² dengan dia and dengar dia bising² non stop. So cute la kids at this stage. Mika is trying his best to talk and words dia..macam² bunyi keluar. So kena pay close attention to what he’s saying. Now I macam letih gile, terlebih tido, nasib my one of my girlfriends is online, so chat la dengan dia :)

BREAKING NEWS: just received a text message from hubby, dia dah pass the 3rd paper. Kejap betul amik exam, 20mins je..huhuh..hebat la awak :) the final one to go after this until he got that professional cert and hopefully after that more opportunity to expand his career, InsyaAllah. Congratulations sayang and love you Spain, tetiba!


Adekniza said...

uish..siap buat entry pasal nie.. hehehh..

raF|za said...

hahaha..puas hati, mesti kena buat entry ;) kot² ada orang nak buat thru myeg gaks, i boleh la recommend kan ur hubby :D