Friday, July 2, 2010

of everything, this and that

On the way to work this morning, FLY FM was talking about sore loser. The example that they gave was Cristiano Ronaldo. Kan Portugal kalah with Spain that day, so this CR spat at the camera. I mean takde la directly spat, just that he was looking at the camera that time. Emo la kalah..nasib dia tak punch or kick the camera. That's why I love to watch him play. Ada je benda dia buat. One time tuh I think WC 2006 kot, he cried sebab kena sent off the game. Dia macam emo kat coach. Haih. CR ni full of emotion. This WC dia captain terus macam tak captain. Kalau masa close up national anthem country dia lagi la..control habis! Tapi what ever it is, dia sangat handsome (cakap banyak kali sampai hubby tak heran dah)

Semalam memang I nak call my mom nak tanya about my last yr's car insurance. Then tiba² je dia call dulu and cakap pasal benda yang sama. She reminded me that my car's insurance will be expired in 2 weeks time. Mother's instinct? Could be jugak la..huhu..every year memang my mom yang tolong renewkan insurance (I memang tak boleh diharap) coz she can do it easily at her office tapi now dah tak kerja, I pass to hubby pulak la. Okay dah la kot..time for work. Mika macam kena cold/flu pulak this morning but as always, dia active semacam je. Cuma pity la budak kecik kena, sure macam tak selesa kan. Also I balik lambat hari ni, team building with the bosses and other TLs so hubby needs to fetch and take care of Mika and yes I have problem with that. Biasa lar, kalau boleh I nak buat sendiri. Till later, peeps! Have a good weekend :)

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