Thursday, July 15, 2010

money talk

Baru jer lepas bayar monthly loan education debt. Asyik on and off bayar, kejap bayar kejap skip. Sometimes delay then terus lupa. So I dah buat mid year resolution (mid year pon ada resolution..pfftt) that starting from this month onwards, will try to pay it without miss. Now ada extra allowance sikit, boleh la kot nak bayar monthly, InsyaAllah. The amount terkumpul je banyak gile, cam masuk interest lagi (I thought government body is supposed to help and not to burden I wonder sampai bila boleh habis bayar. Ni la prob dia kalau study kat private U, if tau dulu I opt for local U je which is twice cheaper.

Next to settle is credit card! Every month rasa macam my min total to pay not that much pon. If minimum dia suruh bayar that amount, I normally memang bayar lebih but tak habis². I don’t even use it pon now. Selalu kalau rasa macam nak guna I will tell myself “Takde duit, buat cara takde duit” Harsh but betul apa, live within your limit (my mom banyak kali remind) unless I memang got no cash in hand that time then I will use it and make sure to pay back right after that. If ikut kan, nak je I shopping tak ingat dunia but  yea, keep it real. Harap² will stick to this sampai bila² sebab leceh la hutang² ni. Must call the bank now and find out how much I owe them. I dah opt for e-card statement and to make matter worse, tak ingat dah username and pin for that online banking thingy and you know la hsbc kena ada security device apa entah to re-active the account.  If boleh settle by end of this year, lagi bagus. Next year boleh la use money for something else.

Also last but certainly not the least, I nak deposit money to my ASB! Ni pon satu hal, I kept it aside in my not so active account tapi ada masa terguna gaks. Ok, new resolutions it seem, let's make them happen Enough bout money talk and now action time.


Byzura Razali said...

u buat i sengih sorang2.
i pun focus on main & house installment.selalu delay on edu loan :( and saving..

Hanna Mohd Ali said...

sama la kita ..erkk

raF|za said...

byzura: yes, sama la kta :)

raF|za said...


kan?? mahal sungguh yuran belajar. sama je kita ni ;)