Friday, July 16, 2010

new layout, loving it!

I have a new layout now which btw the best I think so far. LOL. Everything pon dari Blogger, so thanks Blogger. Also I add in that pages thingy bawah header. It looks weird sebab lepas CONTACT ME tuh masih ada banyak ruang kosong and I don't know how to centralise this thing or even delete those extra spaces. For now deal with it. Still thinking of putting Mika by months pics in a slide but that have to wait. Ingat nak biar dia simple je kat column tuh sebab most of my entries penuh with pics. It's Friday today. I have plan for tomorrow and hopefully everything goes well. Have a nice weekend yea? To close this entry I letak pic Navas, Spain player no 22. Told ya he has a beautiful pair of eyes ;)

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