Monday, July 5, 2010

gonna miss WC 2010

Believe it or not I'm gonna miss watching WC. Tinggal 4 more matches je lagi and the final one is on Monday morning. If Germany or Spain made it through, memang akan tengok la. Germany sangat hebat sekarang. WC 2006, they lost to Italy where Italy made it through final vs France and it was an interesting game final tuh sebab ada head butting incident and ended up with penalty. I remembered watching it at my rented house that early morning alone and this time I got hubby to teman me, if I tengok la.

Ramai-ramai orang yang tengok, my mom pon included. I mean takde la to the extend dia stay up ke apa just that she knows la what's going on. Last Sunday lunch kat Subang and tengah-tengah makan tuh, my bro, sis, me together with our mom borak2 about prev match Argentina vs Germany. I salute my mom sebab she keeps herself updated with all this. Cakap dengan umi about WC, how amazing :P Ni mesti influence from my bro and sis. Okay lar, good night everyone!


Joe J said...

"If Germany or Spain made it through, memang akan tengok la"

mmg la germany or spain akan masuk final, dah derang lawan kat semi. haiya..

raF|za said...

ya ya..salah wording laa..huhuhu