Sunday, July 11, 2010

go spain!!!!

The WC 2010 champion is soon to be revealed tomorrow morning. Can't wait for the match. I really hope Paul is right. In order to be able to wake up later, I'm going to bed dah in 10 mins time. Nways, petang tadi pergi Empire, Subang. First time walaupon dekat, seberang jalan jer from my mom's place. Dropped by C&K sebab ada sale and also sebab nak jumpa my sis-in-law who manages C&K branch there. Thought of looking for a pair of wedges but ramai orang sangat and that time belum makan lagi, so next time la. Will come again next Saturday kot (my sis and cousin bought something here and dapat discount lagi coz of my SIL, so jealous!).

Also ada event kat depan Parade. I guess they all tengok bola ramai² later sebab ada large screens and all. Kalau kat sini dah meriah, South Africa mesti best giler minus the vuvuzela of course. In the end, it's not really about the winner, it's about the game that brings people together. Imagine, people with different ethnics, races, backgrounds and understanding but when it comes to football, they support the same team and agree on the same thing. That's the beauty of the game. Cheh, ayat dah ala² politician dah but betul unite us all. Okay, akhir kata..GO SPAIN!!! Kalah ke menang ke, you are the best team this time, no doubt. Macam banyak star players tonight, must be a great game to watch. Hubby is supporting the Oranje btw, so mesti lagi exciting ni. Till tomorrow ;)

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