Tuesday, July 27, 2010

of presentation and shopping raya for the lil one

Back to work and balik² terus meeting thru lunch. But it was okay as it was not really a meeting, a forum actually. The slides I prepared, it was meant for this forum. Sungguh bersemangat that I submitted on Sunday night sebab yesterday cuti. I thought the presentation macam 5-10 mins official presentation so my slides..let just say, over la jugak. With the animation and bersusah payah cari image cantik², tengok² kejap je and honestly everyone else punya simple yang amat dan straight to the point. Sungguh malu! Well, that just me lar. Buat something mesti nak lebih² tapi how should I know kan, that HR guy tak bagi guideline ke apa, dia just cakap use your imagination so itu lah hasilnya. Memang boleh nampak I punya je lain..LOL

So what did I do yesterday? Hubby memang off so after sending Mika, pergi settle something and then headed to The Gardens. Tujuan nak cari kasut Mika at Baby Gap sebab sale. But takde. Then pergi Midvalley pulak to check out Adidas store kot ada his shoe. Ada this one sandal, cantik but no size! We ended up shopping his clothes and the size we wanted for this one short only available kat Pyramid's outlet, we had to go there pulak. So off we went to Pyramid. More shopping there. Conclusion, baju raya Mika dah terover complete. He got almost everything except for the shoes and sandal. Anak sorang tapi expenses kalah anak 3 orang! And tuh baru boy. Imagine kalau girl and with her skirt, shoes, dresses, tops, accessories. I think this raya memang all out compared to last year sebab budget limited. Takpe, take it as investment. Mika boleh pakai all this clothes for a long period sebab I memang amik one size bigger, at least can fit till he is 3yrs old then boleh pass down. First child memang camtuh kan (ayat nak sedapkan hati). Eh tapi betul apa. My mom dulu pon over when it comes to me. Turn my sister terus dapat barang² recycle.

After that balik rumah and lepak kejap till 5.30 like that baru fetch Mika. Without Mika macam incomplete. I mean kalau I letak Mika kat my mom's while I pergi jalan² with hubby lain lar sebab I know he's well taken care off but if letak kat babysitter then pergi jalan² macam guilty semacam. Not to say that he is not in good hands just that, rasa dia tak best. Bila dah amik Mika, baru la I macam ada mood gila² sebab rasa dah complete. Dah amik Mika tuh siap paksa Mika try baju² and mostly muat, Alhamdulillah :D Surprisingly daddy Mika macam ada good taste pilihkan baju. In fact, semua baju pon dia yang pilih.

I have some photos of Sunday's activity at home. Will post them in another entry.

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