Monday, June 7, 2010

this really sux

Guess what? It's our 3rd anniversary tomorrow. Happy? I was..sampai la hubby told me tadi that he could only meet me in the evening lepas I balik kerja and that only for 1 hour je sebab he has to go to work after that. Reason 1, tomorrow kan kerja. Reason 2, hubby is on PM shift. Reason 3 yang sangat membuatkan I emo, cannot meet him before I go to work sebab adalah...malas nak cerita. I wish takde orang kacau our day. I just hate it when something like this happen.

Right now I langsung takde mood nak countdown or whatsoever. Buat apa nak jaga hati orang lain if hati sendiri takde orang jaga kan..this is sux. Tapi thank God I have Mika. Tadi dia la entertain I, he never fails to make me laugh la that boy. I love you Mikhail Haris! It's okay, as long as I have him, dah cukup. I don't want anything else dah. Though he still small, I siap borak2 and tell him not to be like some people in future. Dia cam angguk2 and OK OK je when I said OK. Mesti dia cakap, mommy ni belum apa-apa dah bebel2 kan..huhuh

Actually yesterday dah sort of celebrate with hubby alone. Just that would be great lah kan if I can see my hubby early in the morning of our anniversary. Ntah, malas nak fikir. Whatever!