Friday, June 18, 2010

team lunch for june babies

We had team lunch yesterday to celebrate 2 of our team members' birthday. Happy birthday to the June babies, Wana and Char! Last time I went here with my old team last year kot. Though tempat ni dekat je dengan office but because of the limited parking space, macam malas je nak ke area ni. Btw, Cyberjaya ok la sekarang. Banyak tempat makan dah. This row itself ada mamak, KFC, Pizza Hut, Papparich and Seri Penang and soon..AYAM PENYET RIA! Tapi tuh la..why lar they build this place without proper parking. Orang² Cyber tahu la kot about this. Nevertheless, I still prefer Cyber and not planning to work anywhere else. Dekat dengan rumah and no jam, those are the most important reasons :P Somehow I rasa, duit pon save sebab kata no shopping complex kan, kurang la sikit rasa nak shopping..owh tapi online shopping masih ada je :P

My team dah tambah sorang lagi, meaning now I have 8 employees under me. Harap² I boleh manage them successfully. Not easy you know to manage someone who used to be your friend. Ni pon nasib baik lar I kena tukar region, if let say I still in Asia A, lagi susah kot sebab we are all very close! Okay la peeps, nak balik dah. I'm so happy sebab weekend ni hubby off, so yeay, got to spend time with him. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, be good and stay safe :):)

Nah, happy joy joy..abang Kenny sorang je jejaka di sini :P
abang Maran sebelah new girl tapi why pulak masam tuh
Ellie, if you are reading this..the new girl looks familiar eh? :)

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