Thursday, June 10, 2010

team building - AUSTAC Delta

In case you all are wondering apa itu AUSTAC Delta, it's actually my team's name. AUS - Australia, TAC - Tax and Corps. My team is a core Corps team.

The team and I went for bowling semalam. We left office at 2.30pm and sebab semua nak straight balik rumah lepas tuh, we all drove our own cars. Last time I main bowling was like years ago and yes, I'm sux at this. Sambil bowling sambil makan. The game ended at 5pm and since we still have balance from the given incentive, we all makan dessert pulak = McD sundae cone. Tuh pon still got balance like rm6. Tengok la I'll buy something for us to munch later. Okay la first team building with my new team, something different and we had fun, once a while releasekan tension. Smaller group means we got the chance to bond closely too.

Some pics, courtesy of my team mate Wana ;)

Wana not in the pic pulak
AUSTAC Delta in action :)
My team still tak cukup 2 more people. A guy and a girl will be joining us soon
l-r: Char, Sher, me, Wana, Yati, Kenny
standing behind: Liz & Maran
l-r: Sher, me, Char and Liz

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