Saturday, June 5, 2010

mika and books

Semalam memang plan nak bawak Mika jalan and also to get some story books for him after work. Since dah pukul 5 lebih dah time tuh, we all pergi Summit je sebab dekat and traffic not that bad. Plus nak pergi Babyland to buy Mika's drinking bottle. Mika sangat excited masuk MPH. Semua buku pon dia nak usik. I guess memang dia minat buku kot. Sampai terduduk-duduk dia dalam tuh.

buku apa la dia tengok ni
books we got for him. each costs around rm7 only
  corner cushion, drinking bottle water, toothbrush and toothpaste..i think this is the 4th toothbrush
some of his books collection

 * that Peter and Jane series was a gift from my cousin.
when we were little, our parents memang suruh baca Peter and Jane, all 12 volumes. each volume ada A (blue) ,B (orange) and volume C (green) is a workbook. i nak Mika start baca Peter and Jane too sebab rasa very helpful. Now if baca Peter and Jane kat Mika, dia boleh recognise and pronounce Jane (amboi nak girl je kamu), dog, ball yang kat dalam volume 1.  My mom dah bagi orang pulak my collection, rugi betul. U all pernah tak baca ni dulu-dulu?

tak habis susun lagi, toys masih dalam box. tak muat pon :P

Dah lama tak movie night. So that night after dinner, we watched Valentine's Day. Sangat ketinggalan. This movie reminds me of another movie He's Just Not That Into You where everyone is like related to each other. Valentine's Day about this bunch of people yang celebrate V-day with their loved ones and it either ends in happy or not so happy ending. Okay la this movie. Banyak big names eg Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, McDreamy & McSteamy from Grey's, Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts and many more. Tapi memang la kan V-day ni kan celebration they all so memang kat sana it's really a big thing with the flowers, gifts, dinner and all. For me, this day tak exist pon ;)

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