Saturday, June 26, 2010

quick update

Satu hari tak online sebab I balik Subang today and I'm just too lazy to bring along the laptop sebab balik kejap je. My sister fetched me this morning and stayed there till hubby came and after that we all went for dinner. Hubby was supposed to work this weekend but he is on study leave sebab nak sit for an exam this Tuesday. He's taking this professional cert and hopefully he will pass all 4 papers in flying colours. If dah ada cert, it's easier to switch company and pay wise pon lebih sikit la kan, InsyaAllah. Good luck dear!

Now as usual kena berebut tv. I only watch WC kalau fav teams playing..since Italy dah out, tinggal Portugal and Spain je la. Tonight's don't like. Actually we do have another decoder downstairs, but bawah no movie channels, just the basic ones with Sports and Cartoons. Hubby insisted to watch WC yang HD punya, then no choice la kan. If nak tengok I kena turun bawah. Tengok la how..btw, I might go down kot. Dinner tadi ada tahpau Crispy fried much of not eating after 7pm huh? I'll upload the pics later, some are in my sis's camera.

These pics below masa my sis fetched me, otw to Subang

mika geram mode, tak dapat phone
no car seat tapi dia try nak buckle kan seat belt macam kat car seat dia
suka sangat main remote gate, termenung pulak tuh

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