Monday, June 28, 2010

maid dilemma

Tadi my gurls and I talked about maid. One thing I love when talking to them is we do have the same thought. Macam if tak okay, straight away cakap tak okay and vice versa. Most importantly we understand each other and are very open in term of giving advise etc. Back to the maid issue, it does make me think beribu kali nak amik ke tak based on their stories at all. Actually it depends on your luck jugak kan. I nak amik maid coz it's for long term purpose. If possible I want Mika to stay at his own house during the day and if let say I nak letak dia kat rumah my mom (so hubby and I boleh pergi dating), adalah extra hands to look after him and I don't feel so guilty la kan. Tak nak susahkan my mom coz it's not easy to handle a toddler yang active ni. On the other hand, macam sedih jugak if tak hantar Mika kat bbsitter sebab kat sana he got his friends and banyak benda dia belajar kat situ. He now can say so many things and paling banyak dia sebut "Tok Mama, Tok Ayah, Mama" sebab dah duduk situ since 4 mths old kan, so memang mereka je la yang entertain Mika. In fact banyak benda dia belajar pon from sana like counting, salam orang, kiss, hug, smile, baca bismillah before makan, kakak tuh together with her parents memang taught him well. Even Mika tak dapat panggil I "Mommy" but "Naanii" huhuhu..have I mention that sometimes he call hubby "Awak"? The maid will be arriving soon but hubby and me think it's better if my MIL can monitor her first, then after Raya baru pass kat we all. We'll see la how but the gurls cakap, just go for it. Could be my luck dapat yang okay kan..praying really hard for it.

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