Wednesday, June 9, 2010

happy 3rd anniversary to mr & mrs joe

Happy 3rd year anniversary hubby dear! 
I wish for us to be forever and ever till the end of our lives.
Thank you for giving me Mika and me loves you so much!

As you all know, semalam kan my anniversary. I sangat emo sebab tak dapat jumpa hubby pagi² to wish him in person. Different ok wish thru phone, sms dari wish face to face. Haih..tapi hubby on the other hand sangat la baik by calling me right after midnight tapi the reply he got from his wife.."haaa..hmmm..ok" tuh je. Bukan I tak sedar pon..tak kira laa..marah la katakan. He even texted me and wish lagi but I only replied him around 9 kot sebab marah punya pasal tak dapat jumpa. You see, I don't mind if tak dapat special gift or anything that involve money coz money can't buy me love..chewahh..tapi to me, having him with me physically on that special day sangat penting. So that's why I made a big fuss about this. 

Anyway, balik kerja je jumpa la hubby kan. I memang tak pandang, tak senyum and dia buat apa² pon I tak respon pon. I senyap je. Tapi I was back to myself lepas fetch Mika. Terus lupa I tengah marah emo tak tentu pasal bila Mika sat on my lap and gave me his cheeky smile sambil cubit² tangan I. Kuasa anak, terus cair :P Pastu ok la, hubby bought me dinner and wished me over and over again and I time ni dah layan la. Mesti kena ignore if continue emo tak tentu pasal kan.


Our outing on last Sunday, pagi² dropped Mika kat Subang. Had breakfast with kak Gee our insurance agent sebab hubby nak switch insurance to the same one as mine. Okay, senang lepas ni. Anything deal with kak Gee. I tell you, she's the best agent lar, cool je. Thanks eh belanja that day :)

Then we made our ways to Pyramid to catch 1.30pm movie Prince of Persia. Jake Gyllenhaal reminds me a lot of Jared Leto. Sama je muka dia dlm Prince of Persia ni. But of course, Jared Leto got nice pair of eyes lar. The movie was ok. Recommended. Before movie I sempat la shopping sikit. Managed to get one pair of pants. I amik the usual size la and I cakap kat hubby, I must wear this size..forever! Tak muat pon kena bagi muat balik..but okay la..muat je. Lagi we shopped for Mika, preparation for Raya. Nasib la anak ku lelaki, kalau girl rambang mata weyh..baju mereka sangat comel, pink² dan flower². By the time we left Pyramid dah pukul 4. So amik Mika and balik PH but before that makan dulu kat Ayam Penyet Ria, ss 15. 

Overall, I had a great time alone with hubby prior to our anniversary. Maybe we will go for a short vacation before puasa ke..tengok la how. Okay peeps. Petang ni ada team building activity and my team ajak gi bowling. Will be leaving the office at 2.30pm. Till then, taaa!

 nah, saja letak pic sendiri. owh memang nak beli pon benda alah ni :P
of course, pic budak ni :)


Byzura Razali said...

Happy Anniversary Babe!
Dah jgn nak emo2 okeh :)

I agreed with u. At this age pun (mcm tua sgt :P), I dont really bother about special gift pun.The most important, org yg kita sayang ade dgn kita :)

raF|za said...

thanks dear!

eh age is just a number..heheh..kan, special gift macam bonus la. thanks for agreeing with me. sangat appreciate :)

nazira aziz said...

wah dah 3 tahun dahhhhhhhh
happpy anniversaryyyyyyy kak jaaaaa and joeeeeeee

raF|za said...

kejap je kan 3 tahun..heheh..thanks dut!

gEe said...

adeh tak tahan ni kena puji ni...heee....thanks fiza...its nice having you guys as my client..nanti kita lepak2 lagi kay..n this time nak jumpa mika ar...huhuh...

and again..happy anniversary..have a great journey ahead!!!

raF|za said...

kak Gee,

sure. next time i'll bring mika along. harap2 boleh behave la dia :P

thanks kak gee! take care ok? :)