Friday, June 25, 2010

gloomy morning

What a gloomy morning. Reasons because:
  • Italy, the 2006 world cup champion DID NOT qualify for the last 16. They played terribly and only got the rhythm towards the last minutes of the game, literally last minutes! SVK 3, ITA 2. I must admit that SVK really played a good game. One of the SVK players injured his knees in the early minutes and he lasted till the ¾ of the game, really a team player. Marcello Lippi could not just be bothered to wait for the team instead he dashed off inside the minute the ref blew the final whistle. Well, thank God I’m not all out for Italy this time. I don’t even know half of the players. Buffon is injured, Cannavoro..well, age factor maybe? but I pity him. He played hard for the team and as a captain, he must be really upset for not performing well. Then what a team without Totti..He’s my all time favourite player and also the reason why I don’t really support Italy this time ;) So, just like that, Italy is out of the game..ciao Italia! Can’t wait for PORtugal vs BRAzil tonite! Wanna watch Ronaldo meng-control diri in front of the camera. He knows that he is the highlight of the game and he will puts on his best smile and CONTROL! As the team captain, tak nampak pon he is friendly with others. hubby said "Control handsome la tuh..he knows everyone is watching him.." (eh hubby admit dia handsome ke? huhuh) Actually, I notice that also, malu² kucing's expensive player kan? :D If you don't believe me, watch the game tonight ok?
  • I sent Mika off to his babysitter and as I walked to my car, he was standing behind the grill, he waved and said “Bye..” The look in his eyes..I think he understands that I need to go to work but he had this sad look on his face..sigh..kesian budak peha bengkak ni (owh masih swollen tempat jab tuh, tapi kurang sikit lar..lagi la kesian kan) I felt so bad leaving him like that but mommy got no choice sayang. I know you are well taken care off there and you have your friends with you too, so things could not be that bad right? Dilemma of a working mom..*double sigh* Tapi tadi, his bbsitter called elok pulak dia menjerit² kat belakang tuh. Despite peha bengkak tuh, dia masih active seperti biasa.
  • Then to make matter worse, soon as I entered the car, Fly FM was playing MJ’s songs and there was this lady caller crying on the phone, dedicating her message as a tribute to MJ. One year already?? So fast..felt like only yesterday I posted this. I'm not a die hard fan, but listening to his songs especially those slow ones really touch my heart. Probably because I grew up with his songs.
    So much of a gloomy morning, huh? Hopefully after lunch, I will have something happy to blog about afer all it's FRIDAY!


    puterikurekure said...

    ala..mika pandai buat muka sad face ye syg...
    mesti comel sangat2.

    can't wait for the game tonite!!! brazil! brazil! hikhik...~

    raF|za said...


    yer, macam muka kesian gitu. kalau kita tak kuat, sure tak jadi pergi kerja dah.huhuh..yes, watching it now! tapi i pulak portugal! portugal! portugal!