Thursday, June 24, 2010

18 month old checkup and etc

Took half day yesterday as Mika had his18 mth old jab/check up. It was the DPT/HiB/Polio and next month we are giving him the Chicken Pox vaccination. Usually I don't take leave instead I applied for time off but not yesterday. Felt like leaving the office early although I had work to do, but that can wait :)

Had lunch with hubby first then only we fetched Mika. The appointment was at 2.30pm and everything was settled by 3. I think the jab costs us around RM168 excluded the doctor's consultation fee. Hubby's company insurance covered about half of the amount and that was okay, better something than nothing rite? We did not go anywhere after that as Mika was already asleep plus we want him to get as much rest as he could. The area is a bit swollen and with his chubby thigh, it just makes his thigh looks bigger. Overall, Mika is doing fine. He weighs around 12kg now and both his weight and height are perfect for his age.

Tetapi...something funny or not so funny happened when the nurse was taking Mika's weight. Mika refused to step onto the weighing machine and so the nurse asked me to hold him and weighed us together. Then to get Mika's weight, she needs to subtract the total weight with my weight la rite? So when she got my reading, hubby looked at me and he was about to laugh while I was in denial, malu pon ada. Couldn't be I'm that heavy eh? Normally the digits wont get to pass 4* but now grrrrr...okay, weighing maching rosak la tuh :P seriously I need to cut down my meal. Weight has never been an issue for me before but not anymoreeee..damn, I need to carry Mika up and down the stairs la macam ni. Also, dinner before 7pm or else tak dinner langsung. Dulu boleh je tak dinner, sekarang cam over, mesti nak dinner. Hubby boleh la gelakkan sebab he slim down a bit. He worked out quite often now and tak nak la sampai terbalik kan.

That leads to conversation petang tadi after fetching Mika.

Me: Comel lar baby gurl (was referring to this baby gurl kat rumah bbsitter Mika). Nak baby girl pulak lar
Hubby: Owh dia ada cara..bla bla bla.. (perbualan 18SX di sini)
Me: Owh ye ke? Hhmm..kena research bla bla bla..
Hubby: Tapi..awak kena kurus dulu, mana boleh camni..
Me: Yer laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! #$%^&*#@!

See, kurus here means I need to loose that extra fat kat tummy tuh la. Okay, I take that as a challenge plus for my own good gaks kan. We'll see how it goes.

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