Wednesday, June 30, 2010

busy busy busy

What a busy day today. Meeting non stop, brief new team member and finalising KPI for my team and also myself. On top of that I have one product to be submitted next Wednesday and I am not even halfway thru it! So many things on my plate this week. Friday will be a short day pulak sebab will be having a team building activity at the GM's house (food, games and also ice-breaking session). Dah la Portugal kalah with Spain early this morning but since both are also my fav, tak kisah sangat la. Just that Portugal best tengok sebab ada CR and his signature move bila dapat free kick. Tapi despite all that, 2 good news for me today :) Okay lar, nak join my babies to sleep. Nite!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

si rajin

Pic above taken 2 weeks ago kot. Hubby and me tengah sort of bersihkan our new wet kitchen when this lil dude bzbody nak tolong sama. Tapi of course dia more to main-main and end up habis basah. Tengok la clip, macam tahu je nak kemas. Siap jatuh tergolek pon still nak main lagi. Takpe, besar nanti boleh tolong  Mommy betul² okay?

note: my short basah tuh mika buat eh..huhuh in case la u all tertanya

Monday, June 28, 2010

maid dilemma

Tadi my gurls and I talked about maid. One thing I love when talking to them is we do have the same thought. Macam if tak okay, straight away cakap tak okay and vice versa. Most importantly we understand each other and are very open in term of giving advise etc. Back to the maid issue, it does make me think beribu kali nak amik ke tak based on their stories at all. Actually it depends on your luck jugak kan. I nak amik maid coz it's for long term purpose. If possible I want Mika to stay at his own house during the day and if let say I nak letak dia kat rumah my mom (so hubby and I boleh pergi dating), adalah extra hands to look after him and I don't feel so guilty la kan. Tak nak susahkan my mom coz it's not easy to handle a toddler yang active ni. On the other hand, macam sedih jugak if tak hantar Mika kat bbsitter sebab kat sana he got his friends and banyak benda dia belajar kat situ. He now can say so many things and paling banyak dia sebut "Tok Mama, Tok Ayah, Mama" sebab dah duduk situ since 4 mths old kan, so memang mereka je la yang entertain Mika. In fact banyak benda dia belajar pon from sana like counting, salam orang, kiss, hug, smile, baca bismillah before makan, kakak tuh together with her parents memang taught him well. Even Mika tak dapat panggil I "Mommy" but "Naanii" huhuhu..have I mention that sometimes he call hubby "Awak"? The maid will be arriving soon but hubby and me think it's better if my MIL can monitor her first, then after Raya baru pass kat we all. We'll see la how but the gurls cakap, just go for it. Could be my luck dapat yang okay kan..praying really hard for it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

makan malam di tepi tasik bersama keluarga

Tajuk macam karangan sekolah rendah. Paling tak suka nak fikir tulis tajuk apa. Ok, before that...

** WARNING: Entry is loaded with lots of pics!! **

As mentioned in prev post, we had dinner at this seafood restaurant at Shah Alam. If you all tau PKNS, it's just behind the complex. Dinner sebab nak celebrate Ajoi's birthday but his birthday is not until 5th of July, saja awal kan. My family memang from last time selalu dinner kat luar every Saturday but now we try to do it at least fortnightly ke, depends. The environment not bad, the food also okay just kalau ada tomyam lagi sedap kot then the place pon quite convenient. That was the 2nd time we have been there. Okay la, malas nak cerita panjang. Tengok pics je la okay..enjoy!

yong chow fried rice for mika, dah start tak boleh duduk diam
time ni dia memang nak turun, dia cakap "tis tis" sebab kat lake tuh ada tortoise, so dia nak tengok and bagi makan

bagi dia suap sendiri, senyap sikit
look at mika LOL, makan bersungguh-sungguh
dah gelap dah, senja dah masa ni
mika berpeluh-peluh, tak leh duduk diam kan
tak tau why his face like that..huhuh

Overall, the food is okay but the price, tak sure pulak but I think ok kot sebab tengok ramai family makan sini. Ada complimentary fruit for desert then we ordered ice cream and crispy fried waffle but waffle tuh tak habis so tahpau balik. Last night when I said nak makan waffle tuh, tak jadi pon. Thanks abah for the dinner and happy advanced birthday to my dear bro!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

quick update

Satu hari tak online sebab I balik Subang today and I'm just too lazy to bring along the laptop sebab balik kejap je. My sister fetched me this morning and stayed there till hubby came and after that we all went for dinner. Hubby was supposed to work this weekend but he is on study leave sebab nak sit for an exam this Tuesday. He's taking this professional cert and hopefully he will pass all 4 papers in flying colours. If dah ada cert, it's easier to switch company and pay wise pon lebih sikit la kan, InsyaAllah. Good luck dear!

Now as usual kena berebut tv. I only watch WC kalau fav teams playing..since Italy dah out, tinggal Portugal and Spain je la. Tonight's don't like. Actually we do have another decoder downstairs, but bawah no movie channels, just the basic ones with Sports and Cartoons. Hubby insisted to watch WC yang HD punya, then no choice la kan. If nak tengok I kena turun bawah. Tengok la how..btw, I might go down kot. Dinner tadi ada tahpau Crispy fried much of not eating after 7pm huh? I'll upload the pics later, some are in my sis's camera.

These pics below masa my sis fetched me, otw to Subang

mika geram mode, tak dapat phone
no car seat tapi dia try nak buckle kan seat belt macam kat car seat dia
suka sangat main remote gate, termenung pulak tuh

Friday, June 25, 2010

gloomy morning

What a gloomy morning. Reasons because:
  • Italy, the 2006 world cup champion DID NOT qualify for the last 16. They played terribly and only got the rhythm towards the last minutes of the game, literally last minutes! SVK 3, ITA 2. I must admit that SVK really played a good game. One of the SVK players injured his knees in the early minutes and he lasted till the ¾ of the game, really a team player. Marcello Lippi could not just be bothered to wait for the team instead he dashed off inside the minute the ref blew the final whistle. Well, thank God I’m not all out for Italy this time. I don’t even know half of the players. Buffon is injured, Cannavoro..well, age factor maybe? but I pity him. He played hard for the team and as a captain, he must be really upset for not performing well. Then what a team without Totti..He’s my all time favourite player and also the reason why I don’t really support Italy this time ;) So, just like that, Italy is out of the game..ciao Italia! Can’t wait for PORtugal vs BRAzil tonite! Wanna watch Ronaldo meng-control diri in front of the camera. He knows that he is the highlight of the game and he will puts on his best smile and CONTROL! As the team captain, tak nampak pon he is friendly with others. hubby said "Control handsome la tuh..he knows everyone is watching him.." (eh hubby admit dia handsome ke? huhuh) Actually, I notice that also, malu² kucing's expensive player kan? :D If you don't believe me, watch the game tonight ok?
  • I sent Mika off to his babysitter and as I walked to my car, he was standing behind the grill, he waved and said “Bye..” The look in his eyes..I think he understands that I need to go to work but he had this sad look on his face..sigh..kesian budak peha bengkak ni (owh masih swollen tempat jab tuh, tapi kurang sikit lar..lagi la kesian kan) I felt so bad leaving him like that but mommy got no choice sayang. I know you are well taken care off there and you have your friends with you too, so things could not be that bad right? Dilemma of a working mom..*double sigh* Tapi tadi, his bbsitter called elok pulak dia menjerit² kat belakang tuh. Despite peha bengkak tuh, dia masih active seperti biasa.
  • Then to make matter worse, soon as I entered the car, Fly FM was playing MJ’s songs and there was this lady caller crying on the phone, dedicating her message as a tribute to MJ. One year already?? So fast..felt like only yesterday I posted this. I'm not a die hard fan, but listening to his songs especially those slow ones really touch my heart. Probably because I grew up with his songs.
    So much of a gloomy morning, huh? Hopefully after lunch, I will have something happy to blog about afer all it's FRIDAY!

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    18 month old checkup and etc

    Took half day yesterday as Mika had his18 mth old jab/check up. It was the DPT/HiB/Polio and next month we are giving him the Chicken Pox vaccination. Usually I don't take leave instead I applied for time off but not yesterday. Felt like leaving the office early although I had work to do, but that can wait :)

    Had lunch with hubby first then only we fetched Mika. The appointment was at 2.30pm and everything was settled by 3. I think the jab costs us around RM168 excluded the doctor's consultation fee. Hubby's company insurance covered about half of the amount and that was okay, better something than nothing rite? We did not go anywhere after that as Mika was already asleep plus we want him to get as much rest as he could. The area is a bit swollen and with his chubby thigh, it just makes his thigh looks bigger. Overall, Mika is doing fine. He weighs around 12kg now and both his weight and height are perfect for his age.

    Tetapi...something funny or not so funny happened when the nurse was taking Mika's weight. Mika refused to step onto the weighing machine and so the nurse asked me to hold him and weighed us together. Then to get Mika's weight, she needs to subtract the total weight with my weight la rite? So when she got my reading, hubby looked at me and he was about to laugh while I was in denial, malu pon ada. Couldn't be I'm that heavy eh? Normally the digits wont get to pass 4* but now grrrrr...okay, weighing maching rosak la tuh :P seriously I need to cut down my meal. Weight has never been an issue for me before but not anymoreeee..damn, I need to carry Mika up and down the stairs la macam ni. Also, dinner before 7pm or else tak dinner langsung. Dulu boleh je tak dinner, sekarang cam over, mesti nak dinner. Hubby boleh la gelakkan sebab he slim down a bit. He worked out quite often now and tak nak la sampai terbalik kan.

    That leads to conversation petang tadi after fetching Mika.

    Me: Comel lar baby gurl (was referring to this baby gurl kat rumah bbsitter Mika). Nak baby girl pulak lar
    Hubby: Owh dia ada cara..bla bla bla.. (perbualan 18SX di sini)
    Me: Owh ye ke? Hhmm..kena research bla bla bla..
    Hubby: Tapi..awak kena kurus dulu, mana boleh camni..
    Me: Yer laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! #$%^&*#@!

    See, kurus here means I need to loose that extra fat kat tummy tuh la. Okay, I take that as a challenge plus for my own good gaks kan. We'll see how it goes.

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    happy father's day! can I forget this (forgot to post an entry bout Father's day, wished them already earlier)..just read my sis's entry and I wanna wish these 2 important men in my life, my dad and my dear hubby, Happy Father's Day!! I love you guys a lot! Let's keep it short and simple, shall we? Action speaks louder than words ;)

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    where are your manners man?

    Pernah tak u all makan kat restoran or mana-mana la then sebab tempat u all makan tuh sedap sangat and memang ramai orang sebab kebetulan peak period so tempat duduk limited. Yang tak best ada orang tunggu2 berdiri belakang cam nak paksa makan cepat. My friend and I baru je dapat our food, dah ada 2 ladies and a guy tercegat belakang we all and usha2 tempat duduk. These 2 ladies cam muka berlagak ok..then sibuk ngan phone dia. Cam muka tak malu lar..diri2 belakang meja I tapi all the while asyik berberry je. Cam kalau yer pon, diri la jauh tak memang betul2 belakang. We all duduk tepi cermin so kat luar tuh cam ada tempat duduk yang memang boleh nampak dalam and that guy time tuh dah standby kat luar pandang direct to our table. So my friend and I memang rasa uncomfortable la kan, tapi we took our own sweet time. Eh, first come first serve la, plus we all bukan makan free pon. Orang lain pon ramai je lagi makan tak bangun2 napa nak aim our place pulak.

    Okay dah habis makan I nak bangun..I duduk belah dalam so kalau nak keluar tuh cam leceh sikit and u know what this guy did, dia terus cam terpa tempat duduk I. Dah la I stuck tak boleh keluar kot yer pon bagi la lalu ke apa. Lagi pon his 2 friends yang sibuk berberry tuh dah memang dapat seat belah my friend confirm meja tuh they all punya. I nak jalan pon susah sebab dia dah block way tanpa rasa bersalah, no excuse me, no sorry. Yang dia nampak tempat duduk kosong yang dia mesti duduk. What made me more pissed off, I terdengar dia cakap "Lama dah tunggu.." SO???!! Like I care la kan. I geram gile terus I hempas je kerusi tuh then the way I jalan memang nampak sangat la bengang. Nak keluar tuh I memang lalu tempat they all, terus I buat muka masam gile. Orang macam ni pon ada ke?? Tak gentleman langsung. Spoil my lunch mood je tadi. Pfftt..

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    pre-Father's Day dinner

    My mom ajak dinner on Saturday evening. It was an ad hoc plan coz that time we were on the way to BM. Luckily ada baju cantik sikit for Mika. Went to BM for lunch and left at 5pm. Initial plan memang nak letak Mika for a while at Subang so hubby and I can survey some stuffs but since my mom dah ajak dinner, so we all dinner first then only pass Mika to my parents.

    First time makan at Famous Thai, Carrefour Subang. Usually we all pergi kat yang Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. The tomyam sedap but the rest macam okay je la. Still cannot beat the Thai restaurant kat PJ beside Vic Station. We ordered tom yam campur, squid with dry chilli, ikan 3 rasa, kangkung belacan and fu yong egg. Kebetulan my grandma and cousin ada, so they also joined us for dinner. Kan Sunday Father's Day, ni kira cam pre-celebration lar. Father's Day tapi yang pay the bill my dad jugak :) Thank you Abah, you are the best!

    Mika sangat malu dengan my cousin tuh okay..dia siap tunduk2 jeling2 bila nampak cousin I tuh. Dia memang behave betul la, duduk diam je. Makan pon tunduk2 and dia kurang nak kat sapa2 including hubby except for me. So I la kena amik hati dia bagi dia biasa with semua orang. Pemalu rupanya my son ni. If orang tak kenal, memang dia akan hide kan face dia belakang I. After dinner, he was back to himself dah, naik turun still escalator.

    Then we passed Mika to my parents, me and hubby jalan2 @carrefour but aircond pulak! Panas dan sungguh tak selesa, in the end kejap je then terus balik rumah my mom. Stayed for a while till halftime Netherlands vs Japan I think so lar..then balik PH. My brother and sister follow balik rumah tapi they drove themselves as my bro nak pinjam game PS3 and sambil2 tuh tengok match Ghana vs Australia in HD. Final kalau line clear, meh la datang rumah tengok sama2. Layan HD, sampai apa tulis kat bola tuh pon nampak. Muka players clear habis especially yang hensem2 tuh..hehe.Kalau tengok ngan hubby habis kena jeling..tapi like I care kan? Tapi masa awal2 dulu hubby subscribe Byond, I gaks yang bising cakap membazir la apa la..but now..not anymore :P

    Okay la, bagi u all tengok pics pulak. Later!

    ni la budak yang pemalu tuh. awal-awal memang lekat je ngan Aunty Zira
    see..sampai tutup2 mata dia
    pandang depan pon tak nak..owh cousin i tuh memang duduk opposite dia, tuh dia malu habis tuh
    mika makan ke posing ni?
    run mika run..lari tanpa brek nasib tak tergolek
    bagi chance la kejap nak amik pic 2 orang

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    team lunch for june babies

    We had team lunch yesterday to celebrate 2 of our team members' birthday. Happy birthday to the June babies, Wana and Char! Last time I went here with my old team last year kot. Though tempat ni dekat je dengan office but because of the limited parking space, macam malas je nak ke area ni. Btw, Cyberjaya ok la sekarang. Banyak tempat makan dah. This row itself ada mamak, KFC, Pizza Hut, Papparich and Seri Penang and soon..AYAM PENYET RIA! Tapi tuh la..why lar they build this place without proper parking. Orang² Cyber tahu la kot about this. Nevertheless, I still prefer Cyber and not planning to work anywhere else. Dekat dengan rumah and no jam, those are the most important reasons :P Somehow I rasa, duit pon save sebab kata no shopping complex kan, kurang la sikit rasa nak shopping..owh tapi online shopping masih ada je :P

    My team dah tambah sorang lagi, meaning now I have 8 employees under me. Harap² I boleh manage them successfully. Not easy you know to manage someone who used to be your friend. Ni pon nasib baik lar I kena tukar region, if let say I still in Asia A, lagi susah kot sebab we are all very close! Okay la peeps, nak balik dah. I'm so happy sebab weekend ni hubby off, so yeay, got to spend time with him. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, be good and stay safe :):)

    Nah, happy joy joy..abang Kenny sorang je jejaka di sini :P
    abang Maran sebelah new girl tapi why pulak masam tuh
    Ellie, if you are reading this..the new girl looks familiar eh? :)

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    so touching lar

    Hubby forwarded me this link and I quote "This 8 month old baby was born deaf, watch the moment as his cochlear implant is activated and he hears sound for the first time, and his mother's voice."

    First time dia dengar suara mommy dia sampai tercabut pacifier dia. Sangat touching :(:( Tapi memang nampak dia sangat excited bila dapat dengar suara mommy dia kan? Elok je gelak2. Alahai, macam touching sangat. Boleh tengok baby tuh happy sangat dapat dengar suara mommy dia. Ok, sedih..but of course, happy for the baby :)

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    parenthood..i like!

    I baru je start tengok Parenthood, showing at SWR every Tues @8pm. Not bad la! Finally something that I can relate to my life. Tengok parents melayan anak-anak derang and tell you, macam lagi besar lagi tough je nak handle. Teenagers lagi la kan..emo 24 jam and ada je benda tak kena. Ada la part-part touching. Especially bila this couple found out their son ada this illness and there's no cure for it. How la eh nak face? Mintak2 my kid/s dijauhkan from all the bad things..Amin. Okay, sekarang nak tengok abang Ronaldo main. Ivory Coast vs Portugal :)

    Layan pic Mika ni ok :D Taken masa I duduk rumah my mom dengan dia je last Saturday.

    merenung masa depan, dengan selipar sebelah dia
    kaki kecik nak pakai orang besar punya
    nampak pipi bam bam, mika kecomotan di sini

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    update pada pukul 4 petang

    Hari ni balik rumah, yeay! Macam lama je tak balik..baru 2 nights. So what did I do last weekend? Saturday was mommy's and and Mika's day. After hubby balik kerja, kami berangkat ke Subang tapi my family takde pon, they all balik kampung my dad sebab my uncle kahwin. I tak pergi sebab hubby kena kerja plus balik hari so macam letih je. Mika pon sure tak selesa nanti orang ramai dengan panas semua. Alasan :P tapi yer la I spent the day dengan melayan Mika. He received full attention from me and macam² la benda dia buat. Comel je. Pandai usik orang pon iye jugak. I kat dapur masak dia sibuk je datang. Penat suruh dia susun magnet kat fridge dan tampal² sticker, tapi masih jugak nak kacau I masak.Eh betul ke I masak? Nak tulis pon macam pelik. Yer la, masak for Mika. My mom super baik hati belikan ikan tenggiri sebab I cakap nak masak ikan masak kicap tapi I sempat goreng ikan je and buat sayur campur. Mika makan la jugak. I really need to learn how to cook properly lar..sheesh!

    Then Sunday layan Child's Play showing at Cinemax with my family. Ni rasa nak tengok Child's Play 2, 3 and 4 pulak ni..I tak tengok lagi kot. My sis dah tutup² mata bila scene takut² tuh, Mika relax je siap amik front seat lagi. Tak paham agi kot. Then halfway tengok, my cousins datang together with my grandma. Mika sangat malu with one of my cousins, siap pejam² mata dan jeling lagi bila dia tengok cousin I tuh. Everytime dia nampak cousin I tuh, mata dia tutup and buat² pandang lain. So funny. Pandai dah menunjukkan perasaan. Tantrum pandai, malu pandai, demand pon pandai gaks. Anak siapa ni?? Like mommy like son la kot.

    Okay la, hari ni nak balik on time..4.50 like that. Nak bawak Mika jalan². Dah promise pagi tadi. Later peeps!

    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    worldcup 2010

    Baru tengok list of players for Italy, macam tak best je! So many new players and some of them tak pernah dengar pon nama. I nak tukar team la camni. Spain laa..huhuh..and also nak tengok Cristiano Ronaldo when Portugal plays.I miss WC 2006 :(

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    jalan-jalan @Tasik Cyberjaya

    Semalam hubby sent me to work and balik tuh, he fetched Mika first then only me. Saja nak bawak Mika jalan² kat tasik Cyberjaya. Considering the fact that weekend ni hubby kerja, so bawak la dia jalan² weekdays. Dah ada anak macam ni la nak kena entertain kan? Left the office at 5pm and tak jauh pon tasik ni, belakang MMU.

    I think Mika enjoy kot, dia happy je kat situ. New environment. But tak lama pon we all kat situ. Say 15 mins? Okay la, enjoy the pics!

     kalau dukung Mika, badan akan automatically ke belakang hence menampakkan perut :P
    so funny la hubby time ni, nak letak jugak pic ni

    Mika tak boleh duduk diam, nak lari je kerja dia
    tengok..tak nak orang pegang pulak tuh
    menyamar nangis..tak dapat pegang phone
    owh ni kat rumah dah
    kelaparan la tuh, dah penat jalan
    sila abaikan perempuan ini

    That's all. Malam ni balik Subang. My sis is going to pick me up with her new car. Best la kamu yer dapat kereta baru? Is it going to be another 5955? We'll see..have a good weekend okay!!

    owh, not to forget..WORLD CUP 2010 is here! rooting for ITALY, as always ;)

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    team building - AUSTAC Delta

    In case you all are wondering apa itu AUSTAC Delta, it's actually my team's name. AUS - Australia, TAC - Tax and Corps. My team is a core Corps team.

    The team and I went for bowling semalam. We left office at 2.30pm and sebab semua nak straight balik rumah lepas tuh, we all drove our own cars. Last time I main bowling was like years ago and yes, I'm sux at this. Sambil bowling sambil makan. The game ended at 5pm and since we still have balance from the given incentive, we all makan dessert pulak = McD sundae cone. Tuh pon still got balance like rm6. Tengok la I'll buy something for us to munch later. Okay la first team building with my new team, something different and we had fun, once a while releasekan tension. Smaller group means we got the chance to bond closely too.

    Some pics, courtesy of my team mate Wana ;)

    Wana not in the pic pulak
    AUSTAC Delta in action :)
    My team still tak cukup 2 more people. A guy and a girl will be joining us soon
    l-r: Char, Sher, me, Wana, Yati, Kenny
    standing behind: Liz & Maran
    l-r: Sher, me, Char and Liz

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    happy 3rd anniversary to mr & mrs joe

    Happy 3rd year anniversary hubby dear! 
    I wish for us to be forever and ever till the end of our lives.
    Thank you for giving me Mika and me loves you so much!

    As you all know, semalam kan my anniversary. I sangat emo sebab tak dapat jumpa hubby pagi² to wish him in person. Different ok wish thru phone, sms dari wish face to face. Haih..tapi hubby on the other hand sangat la baik by calling me right after midnight tapi the reply he got from his wife.."haaa..hmmm..ok" tuh je. Bukan I tak sedar pon..tak kira laa..marah la katakan. He even texted me and wish lagi but I only replied him around 9 kot sebab marah punya pasal tak dapat jumpa. You see, I don't mind if tak dapat special gift or anything that involve money coz money can't buy me love..chewahh..tapi to me, having him with me physically on that special day sangat penting. So that's why I made a big fuss about this. 

    Anyway, balik kerja je jumpa la hubby kan. I memang tak pandang, tak senyum and dia buat apa² pon I tak respon pon. I senyap je. Tapi I was back to myself lepas fetch Mika. Terus lupa I tengah marah emo tak tentu pasal bila Mika sat on my lap and gave me his cheeky smile sambil cubit² tangan I. Kuasa anak, terus cair :P Pastu ok la, hubby bought me dinner and wished me over and over again and I time ni dah layan la. Mesti kena ignore if continue emo tak tentu pasal kan.


    Our outing on last Sunday, pagi² dropped Mika kat Subang. Had breakfast with kak Gee our insurance agent sebab hubby nak switch insurance to the same one as mine. Okay, senang lepas ni. Anything deal with kak Gee. I tell you, she's the best agent lar, cool je. Thanks eh belanja that day :)

    Then we made our ways to Pyramid to catch 1.30pm movie Prince of Persia. Jake Gyllenhaal reminds me a lot of Jared Leto. Sama je muka dia dlm Prince of Persia ni. But of course, Jared Leto got nice pair of eyes lar. The movie was ok. Recommended. Before movie I sempat la shopping sikit. Managed to get one pair of pants. I amik the usual size la and I cakap kat hubby, I must wear this size..forever! Tak muat pon kena bagi muat balik..but okay la..muat je. Lagi we shopped for Mika, preparation for Raya. Nasib la anak ku lelaki, kalau girl rambang mata weyh..baju mereka sangat comel, pink² dan flower². By the time we left Pyramid dah pukul 4. So amik Mika and balik PH but before that makan dulu kat Ayam Penyet Ria, ss 15. 

    Overall, I had a great time alone with hubby prior to our anniversary. Maybe we will go for a short vacation before puasa ke..tengok la how. Okay peeps. Petang ni ada team building activity and my team ajak gi bowling. Will be leaving the office at 2.30pm. Till then, taaa!

     nah, saja letak pic sendiri. owh memang nak beli pon benda alah ni :P
    of course, pic budak ni :)

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    this really sux

    Guess what? It's our 3rd anniversary tomorrow. Happy? I was..sampai la hubby told me tadi that he could only meet me in the evening lepas I balik kerja and that only for 1 hour je sebab he has to go to work after that. Reason 1, tomorrow kan kerja. Reason 2, hubby is on PM shift. Reason 3 yang sangat membuatkan I emo, cannot meet him before I go to work sebab adalah...malas nak cerita. I wish takde orang kacau our day. I just hate it when something like this happen.

    Right now I langsung takde mood nak countdown or whatsoever. Buat apa nak jaga hati orang lain if hati sendiri takde orang jaga kan..this is sux. Tapi thank God I have Mika. Tadi dia la entertain I, he never fails to make me laugh la that boy. I love you Mikhail Haris! It's okay, as long as I have him, dah cukup. I don't want anything else dah. Though he still small, I siap borak2 and tell him not to be like some people in future. Dia cam angguk2 and OK OK je when I said OK. Mesti dia cakap, mommy ni belum apa-apa dah bebel2 kan..huhuh

    Actually yesterday dah sort of celebrate with hubby alone. Just that would be great lah kan if I can see my hubby early in the morning of our anniversary. Ntah, malas nak fikir. Whatever!

    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    a dinner and then a fall!

    Bangun pagi and around 8 plus, made our ways to BM. Bought breakfast and makan kat sana. Just us there and we stayed sampai lunch. Mika pon sempat la nap 1 hour plus. Bukan Mika je, mommy and daddy Mika pon :P Sampai rumah aroud 2 plus and hari sangat la panas. PIL and SIL dropped by kejap petang tuh sebab nak collect something. Bila petang sikit around 5 baru we all keluar balik coz nak pergi early dinner at Bumbu Bali.

    Biasa la Mika kan kat tempat makan mana nak duduk diam sangat unless dia sangat lapar or ada kids his age dia boleh tengok² then dia senyap la but if takde, mula la tunjuk perangai. Haih..sabar sabar. We ordered Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali, Siap Menggoreng, Chicky Pasta for Mika and add on fries. End up pasta and fries tahpau sebab Mika tak nak makan sangat pon. We all makan dengan pantas tak sempat pon nak pau hubby punya. Borak²? Huh, whats that? Not in the agenda la kalau Mika is around.

    Dan berlaku satu kejadian. Macam ni, masa tengah tunggu hubby settle bil, I nak bawak Mika masuk kereta. Mika as usual perasan macam budak besar nak jalan sendiri. I pegang tangan dia la of course tapi some how dia salah step and jatuh dgn slow motion atas jalan. Ye, jalan bertar tuh! Nasib I sempat block dengan kaki before dia tersembam atas jalan tuh. So by the time dia landing atas jalan takde la kuat sangat..but still..kata jalan kan..batu semua. Luka sikit la and also lebam..huhuh..tapi brave boy gaks, nangis kejap je. Rasa dia dah penat sangat sbb petang tak tido pon, main je lebih.

    Some photos yang tak berapa nak clear sebab guna phone hubby. Then Mika bukan boleh nampak iphone, sure nak je..dan berlaku la shots ini.

    mika dah nak sangat phone tuh, mommy masih boleh senyum
    mommy trying to distract him, tak jalan jugak
    mommy gives up! muka mommy agak emo di situ :P
    anak beranak pandang tempat lain dah

    nampak tak dahi belah kiri dia tuh..lebam
    ok close up...mika oh mika..nasib tak teruk sangat