Saturday, May 1, 2010

saturday night update

Boleh pulak update banyak hari ni. Sementara ada mood, ok la kan. Initial plan for today nak drop Mika at Subang then I balik rumah balik untuk kemas rumah sebab semalam Mika kena gigit semut and it was at the living hall upstairs! OK memang Mika suka makan biscuit kat atas, sometimes coco pops or any snack la..and knowing him..suka je baling2 and at times tumpahkan. I thought I dah kemas bersih la..tapi nampak sangat tak kan. So memang ingat nak kemas rumah today. Tapi lepas dah makan a pack of nasi lemak for breakfast, saya sungguh malas. I terus call the part time helper and yeay, dia available. Picked her up with my mom and Mika tagged along and drop her there.

Lunch, had curry ayam. Sedapp! Then lepak layan Mika and at 6, pergi balik PH to fetch the helper. Owh, maybe you'll say I berani tinggalkan her alone in the house, she is well trusted by my family actually. We've known her dah macam 10 tahun kot. Plus, nothing precious sangat pon kat rumah tuh and I locked her inside, kejam? No la..dia yang mintak camtuh. Left her for 5 solid hours and the result, memuaskan. If not because of the distance and nak fetch her and all, every week I amik dia.

Hubby just told me he will be on leave tomorrow. So plan nak pergi brunch with my family and survey some stuffs for our house tomorrow. Since my bro dah bawak tv besar dia turun, no tv at his room dah. I told hubby if he's not comfortable, can just go back to PH. Luckily he got plans with his friends, lepak minum2 and a late night movie. Dia balik PH pastu, so I will only see him tomorrow morning. No worries, he needs the time off plus dah cakap dulu..if I tak sorang2, should be ok and dah malam dah pon. Okay la..till then. Have a good Saturday night!

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