Monday, May 31, 2010

monday blues..not really

Hello peeps. I'm on EL today. Mika was unwell last weekend. He was a bit feverish on Saturday morning and brought him quickly to see his Paed. Doc prescribed fever, antibiotics and cough/phlegm medicines. Doc said his throat is a bit red and the antibiotics is for standby, in case the temp goes up to 38C above. I spent Saturday without doing anything, eat, tv and literally monitoring him. Mika was active as usual and it was raining heavily in the evening. Luckily I was in Subang, got company and it was not that bad at all. Saturday just went off like that.

Actually Mika is now better, Alhamdulillah. I just thought I should monitor him more and if I put him at the babysitter, he will not get enough rest etc. Paranoid rite..I know :P At home Mika is super duper active and he kept throwing things down the stairs. Honestly, there's no where else I rather be than staying at home with my baby today. Owh, hubby is off too. It's his off day today. In that case, I meant babies :) Okay, later yea.

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