Friday, May 28, 2010

express shopping

Public holiday today..yeay! Tapi pagi-pagi bangun macam nak pergi kerja tuh..around 6.45am sebab nak balik Subang. Too bad hubby kena kerja this weekend. Public holiday or not, if falls on his work day, he still needs to work but of course he will be compensated la kan, so no worries there :) Reached Subang at 8am and had bfast with my parents and Mika. Then I kena fetch the part time helper and send her to my house. At first ingat nak suruh dia kemaskan part yang renovation tuh but today still ada last minute touch up to be done. Will post an entry about the renovation later. So I pon hang around for 1 hr plus, kemaskan baju Mika and I left the helper there and balik Subang.

Around 2 plus I pergi balik PH and sent the helper home. Sampai2 rumah dah 3.30 already. Got ready sebab my cousin ajak pergi Parade to buy wedding presents. Keluar 2 jam je, but I telah berjaya spend banyak gaks la and my dear cousin was not helpful at all. She encouraged me to buy lagi dan lagi ada la..huhuhu..nways, I had a great time. Bought 2 tops for myself ikutkan nak beli more and shirt & pants for Mika. Hubby, I wanna claim this okay? :D

That's all for today and going off to bed already. Tido kat Subang. Hubby and Mika dah kat lala land dah, wait for meeeee..nitee peeps!


jedalerihati said...

hyee ! blogclimbing=) climb mine back ` tq

smoga bahagia dsmping keluarga tercinta ! aminn
btw,nice site!

raF|za said...

hi :) amin. okay, will do. thanks!