Monday, April 12, 2010

moving to Australia a way yes..hehehe..shock? Me too! Tapi I bukan physically move, I tukar team je :P Used to be in Asia team since day 1 serving South East Asia and after the restructuring I'm now asked to lead one of the Australia's team. Remember this post? I got the job, Alhamdulillah. All this while dah biasa with Asia and suddenly kena lead pulak team Aussie. Nervous, excited and sad to leave the current team. Although still in the same office but I have to move to another place which is the other side of the office and honestly speaking, I memang jarang pergi that side. My team mates pon lain dah. Though they are my friends tapi now they are reporting to me..rasa pelik sikit but I'll try my best. Start from bawah, kenal the products, get to know the people and learn how to be a good team leader. Memang banyak kena belajar. Wish me luck okay? If other people have faith in me, I should have faith untuk diri sendiri gaks la kan? I really hope I can proof something here. InsyaAllah, boleh step at a time.

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