Friday, April 23, 2010

last minute notice

Yesterday hubby told me he got tournament tomorrow. Haih..why?? I told him if it’s going to take the whole day, I want to do something that I want on Sunday (eg nak pergi flea market at SP, nak pergi shopping lite² and also nak have a nice lunch outside, dan nak claim present from hubby. See plan baik punya kan??). Since Saturday dia dah buat hal sendiri, so it’s kinda unfair if Sunday tuh dia buat plan lagi kan unless dia pandai la nak amik hati wife dia yang agak emo sebab last minute notice ni..the prob with hubby..he always think I know everything. Macam semalam dia cakap dah bagitau awal² about the tournament. Memang la I sort of know he’s preparing for a tournament coz he got practice once a week TAPI dia tak cakap pulak bila tournament dia tuh. Communication part..memang fail betul. Being me, it’s very impossible for me to forget a date (I’m a number freak)..if orang dah mention, I akan ingat sampai bila² sebab I suka ada back up plan if something happen. So sekarang dia baru bagitau semalam..geram! Suka sangat last minute. I don’t mind if I got plan too tapi my mom and sis will not be around this weekend. So I have no choice than to stay at home jer la. I really hope it’s not going to take the whole day. Dah la Saturday kan..kacau betul. Takpe, if it’s going to take the whole day, then dia sure tak boleh kacau my plan on Sunday. Nah, what goes around comes around..Anyways, kalau the whole day dia ada tournament pon, I ada backup plan dah. I quickly texted my cousin yesterday if she got any plan for Saturday..if she’s free I ajak dia datang rumah. Takde la boring sangat. Hopefully she's free lar. We’ll see how it goes. So hubby dear, nak futsal sampai petang pon I don’t mind. Pergi laa..main laa..(merajuk dah ni..) huhuhu..happy Friday peeps!


Joe J said...

look like i have to purposely lose the match la mcm ni..aiyaa

raF|za said...

yes pls, that would be great! unless..u bribe me with something..let see how good ur negotiation skill is..huhu..sangat kejam..i know!