Tuesday, April 13, 2010

goodbye cube, goodbye team

Today is my last day sitting in this cubicle. Actually by 11, I need to move already. I have been sitting here since 2007 (that long??). Now packing my stuffs and ready to move on. Sad to leave this comfort zone of mine but at the same time cannot wait to see what is in store. My new place is not that bad. I got my friend aka lunch buddy as my neighbour and the other neighbours are not too bad either. Must learn to adapt. Going to miss my team mates, my products, my editors and to those staying in Asia A and joining Mixed team, please do not forget me! If you all are going out for lunch together or have any gossips to share..please please give me a holler. I do not want to be left out, OK? Signing out from the old cube..adios!


Joe J said...

congrats b! bila nak open table ni. huhu

raF|za said...

thanks! tuh laa..nanti kita gi weekend ni nak?

Joe J said...

ok aja. tapi takleh bawak Mika, nnti jadi kelam kabut huhu, unless ada org tolong jagakan