Saturday, April 24, 2010

short trip to carrefour

As mentioned earlier, hubby was off for his futsal tournament as early as 8.30am today. Saya sangat jahat sebab tak wish him good luck pon, instead I was hoping for him to lose the game so he do not have to stay that long. Jahat kan..I know..sorry B..but he returned home around 12 he did not make it time if you let me know earlier and not by giving me late notice, maybe I'll be nicer and more supportive. Anyways, since petang memang takde plan, we went to BM. Stayed there till 4 plus and headed to Carrefour, Subang. Initial plan to check out and buy some stuffs tapi trolley takde okay..NIL. Maybe sebab Saturday is a paperbag free semua orang pon nak trolley. Ended up tak beli apa pon, just makan je.

 Mika excited tengok rabbit
dia cakap "nak..nak"
 and hamster too..susah nak pull him away

fascinated with the mini fountain..dia duk cakap ""
Mika, ask daddy to get one of this yea..

still looking

 makan time..opted for food court sebab malas nak turun bawah
 mika nak makan, mommy sibuk nak amik gambar
managed to get a trolley tapi takde gunanya pon, dah otw out

okay la..joining hubby to sleep..sleepy dah..niteee!


Joe J said...

asek daddy je tukang beli/decorate2 rumah

MUMMYAR said...

hi salam kenal....comel nyer mika....jom singgah blog...joint lucky draw....

raF|za said...

joe j,

bagus la..u should be proud..susah nak cari hubby like u ;) therefore im so lucky to have u..heheh..

raF|za said...


hi! hehhe..ok nanti i singgah ur blog. thanks for inviting :)

fadzli said...

hey u got a blog.. gosh.. couldnt believe it.. even ur son already grown up.. so cute.. congrats to u n ur family..

raF|za said...

fadzli: hey there! fadzli..THE fadzli? yes, he's 16 mths already. thanks!