Saturday, April 24, 2010

short trip to carrefour

As mentioned earlier, hubby was off for his futsal tournament as early as 8.30am today. Saya sangat jahat sebab tak wish him good luck pon, instead I was hoping for him to lose the game so he do not have to stay that long. Jahat kan..I know..sorry B..but he returned home around 12 he did not make it time if you let me know earlier and not by giving me late notice, maybe I'll be nicer and more supportive. Anyways, since petang memang takde plan, we went to BM. Stayed there till 4 plus and headed to Carrefour, Subang. Initial plan to check out and buy some stuffs tapi trolley takde okay..NIL. Maybe sebab Saturday is a paperbag free semua orang pon nak trolley. Ended up tak beli apa pon, just makan je.

 Mika excited tengok rabbit
dia cakap "nak..nak"
 and hamster too..susah nak pull him away

fascinated with the mini fountain..dia duk cakap ""
Mika, ask daddy to get one of this yea..

still looking

 makan time..opted for food court sebab malas nak turun bawah
 mika nak makan, mommy sibuk nak amik gambar
managed to get a trolley tapi takde gunanya pon, dah otw out

okay la..joining hubby to sleep..sleepy dah..niteee!

Friday, April 23, 2010

budak kecil berbaju melayu

This was how Mika looked like when I fetched him from the bbsitter today. Ada birthday party for one of the kids there, theme for that event, baju melayu/baju kurung. Baju melayu Mika ni last raya punya. Time raya tuh siap kena lipat2 and seluar tuh kena jahit sebab panjang sangat. Now muat2, nasib la muat lagi. Tapi tak tahan lama pon, sampai2 rumah je dia rimas sebab panas..kesian..

 suruh senyum tutup mata pulak

suka sangat pakai topi askar ni
dah start rimas
finally..dah bukak

last minute notice

Yesterday hubby told me he got tournament tomorrow. Haih..why?? I told him if it’s going to take the whole day, I want to do something that I want on Sunday (eg nak pergi flea market at SP, nak pergi shopping lite² and also nak have a nice lunch outside, dan nak claim present from hubby. See plan baik punya kan??). Since Saturday dia dah buat hal sendiri, so it’s kinda unfair if Sunday tuh dia buat plan lagi kan unless dia pandai la nak amik hati wife dia yang agak emo sebab last minute notice ni..the prob with hubby..he always think I know everything. Macam semalam dia cakap dah bagitau awal² about the tournament. Memang la I sort of know he’s preparing for a tournament coz he got practice once a week TAPI dia tak cakap pulak bila tournament dia tuh. Communication part..memang fail betul. Being me, it’s very impossible for me to forget a date (I’m a number freak)..if orang dah mention, I akan ingat sampai bila² sebab I suka ada back up plan if something happen. So sekarang dia baru bagitau semalam..geram! Suka sangat last minute. I don’t mind if I got plan too tapi my mom and sis will not be around this weekend. So I have no choice than to stay at home jer la. I really hope it’s not going to take the whole day. Dah la Saturday kan..kacau betul. Takpe, if it’s going to take the whole day, then dia sure tak boleh kacau my plan on Sunday. Nah, what goes around comes around..Anyways, kalau the whole day dia ada tournament pon, I ada backup plan dah. I quickly texted my cousin yesterday if she got any plan for Saturday..if she’s free I ajak dia datang rumah. Takde la boring sangat. Hopefully she's free lar. We’ll see how it goes. So hubby dear, nak futsal sampai petang pon I don’t mind. Pergi laa..main laa..(merajuk dah ni..) huhuhu..happy Friday peeps!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

melepak di SR

Dah lama dah these photos. Early this month. It was on Monday. I amik cuti coz initial plan nak pergi MPSJ nak settlekan permit renovate rumah (takde la renovate sangat pon..just nak tambah sikit je. I cerita detail in another post yer once the renovation about to start). Weekend before Monday tuh Mika susah sangat nak minum susu. He refused the bottle and makan pon sikit2 je. I sangat la risau sebab dia langsung tak nak minum susu, air pon minum sikit je, makan lagi la. I takut dia dihydrate..then as usual..saya yang agak paranoid decided to bring him to see a Paed on Sunday. Hubby had to work that weekend, so went there with my parents. Doc said he got sore throat thats why he refused the milk..pedih kot.

The next day, Mika macam still the same so takde la send him to the babysitter. Segala plan ke MPSJ la, nak gi sana la, sini la..terpaksa di cancel. Mika macam tahu2 je daddy and mommy dia around. During that period, dia sikit pon tak nak susu. I cam dah sedih dah..alaa..tak nak susu dah ke..camne nak jadi bulat bam2 kan..huhuh..Monday still tak nak, only on Tuesday night baru dia minum. Itu pon masa tuh dia tengah tido. Dapat la 3 kali of 6oz. Wednesday sent him to the babysitter and I risau gaks kalau dia buat hal tak nak minum susu, kang sure meragam kan..but surprisingly dia minum jer. Maybe that time dah ok kot sore throat dia. Macam-macam kan Mika Monday I cuti tuh, lunch kat Secret Recipe, PH je. Nah, tengok la camne Mika duduk

makan chips nak pulak

it's going to be a long week

Kebizian melanda...I need to week is going to be a very long week..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

short one

Lama nye tak update..sangat bz la kat office. Meetings, handover, manage the team and report dan meeting lagi dan report..tapi best! So many new things and agak exciting. I buat ni macam one of the subjects I kena belajar and if belajar dengan rajin, mungkin boleh faham kan. Speaking about work, next Wednesday ada BBQ lunch kat office. Normally dulu I tukang makan je but now have to join the management team to cook and serve. Okay lar, thats all for now. A very short one. Later..

Friday, April 16, 2010

friday night post

Now dekat rumah my mom. Typing away in the dark. Saja tak nak on tv coz Mika is sleeping. Best la dia dapat sleep sebelah mommy tonite and 2 more nights, selalu dlm cot je. If I kat sini, sudah tentu la hubby is on PM shift and weekend kerja. Bukan tak best overnight at Subang, just that orang cakap home sweet home. Dulu bising cakap PH tak best kan..tapi sebab dah rumah sendiri dan boleh buat suka hati mesti la best :P Tak best bila kena take care of Mika sorang2 je sebab saya boleh go crazy. Mika is super duper active tak boleh duduk diam. Kejap nak tuh, kejap nak ni, kejap usik tuh, kejap usik ni pulak..haih..camne ni nak bagi dia dengar cakap? Hubby yang penyabar tuh pon sometimes hilang kesabaran..imagine me..lagi la tak sabar.

I think hubby and me need to get away la..dah lama tak outing 2 orang..That day pergi pasar malam dapat hold hands pon cam dah gembira. Yer..saya memang macam tuh..pergi mana2 kalau boleh nak hold hands. Since Mika around, susah nak dapat that chance. Am thinking of checking in to a hotel and lepak with him..just me and him time. Mika boleh tinggal kejap with my parents. Since my mom buat renovation rumah, memang takde chance nak tinggalkan Mika..and dah 2 months kot camtuh. Now rumah dah siap, boleh la start planning. Can't wait for maid to come also. Ada extra least my mom tak la susah if I tinggalkan Mika with her. Guess the maid thingy perfect timing dengan my new job, Alhamdulillah. Just hope takde la problem sangat maid tuh nanti..hoping for the best..big plan in 2011 :P

Okay la..if I got mood to write nanti I post another entry. Yesterday ada lunch with this editor and her granddaughter. They called her Grandma..dia memang grandma pon dah 70 plus and yes, she's still working for WK and sangat la hebat her computer skill. I kan all this while tak kenal with this editor sebab different region, so they invited me over to join them for lunch, sort of get to know lar. I intro myself to her and dia sangat friendly..really make me comfortable talking to her. Owh I nak cakap ada some photos from that lunch but I lupa nak copy from my friend. Nanti I upload la once I got them. HOWEVER...I still miss my old team, my ex team members, my products, my knowledge in the products, my old place, the moment when people ask me anything about products in my team I boleh answer confidently and I miss the time when my beloved team mates now ex team mates asked me for help with product related issues and the solutions I gave made them at ease..BUT I have to think positive. There must be a valid reason why they want me to move to another region kan..though sometimes tuh I rasa unfair sbb all this while I did the hardwork for my old team tapi at last kena pindah region and start from bottom balik..MUST be optimistic about this. Ni kira macam kerja kat company baru sebab totally new thing, and sangat bersyukur dapat this opportunity. I think this new team is kinda exciting too. New stuffs and can't wait to get my hands on the products. Memang tak familiar langsung the names but I'm starting to get use to it. Not to forget new team members yang all this while cakap hi bye je but now have to work together. Excited..I nak jugak be like them. Tanya apa pon boleh jawab. Well, one step at a time..I know I can do this, InsyaAllah. Sorry, entry telah menjadi panjang lebar tapi lega dapat let it all out :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

goodbye cube, goodbye team

Today is my last day sitting in this cubicle. Actually by 11, I need to move already. I have been sitting here since 2007 (that long??). Now packing my stuffs and ready to move on. Sad to leave this comfort zone of mine but at the same time cannot wait to see what is in store. My new place is not that bad. I got my friend aka lunch buddy as my neighbour and the other neighbours are not too bad either. Must learn to adapt. Going to miss my team mates, my products, my editors and to those staying in Asia A and joining Mixed team, please do not forget me! If you all are going out for lunch together or have any gossips to share..please please give me a holler. I do not want to be left out, OK? Signing out from the old cube..adios!

Monday, April 12, 2010

moving to Australia a way yes..hehehe..shock? Me too! Tapi I bukan physically move, I tukar team je :P Used to be in Asia team since day 1 serving South East Asia and after the restructuring I'm now asked to lead one of the Australia's team. Remember this post? I got the job, Alhamdulillah. All this while dah biasa with Asia and suddenly kena lead pulak team Aussie. Nervous, excited and sad to leave the current team. Although still in the same office but I have to move to another place which is the other side of the office and honestly speaking, I memang jarang pergi that side. My team mates pon lain dah. Though they are my friends tapi now they are reporting to me..rasa pelik sikit but I'll try my best. Start from bawah, kenal the products, get to know the people and learn how to be a good team leader. Memang banyak kena belajar. Wish me luck okay? If other people have faith in me, I should have faith untuk diri sendiri gaks la kan? I really hope I can proof something here. InsyaAllah, boleh step at a time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

stuffs from SIL

Thanks to my SIL (sis-in-law) for these wonderful stuffs from US. Memula memang la I (hubby nak belikan) asked her to buy the bags tapi in the end dia cakap no need to pay the whole amount. She wanted to sort of treat her bro and sis in law :) Thanks Kak Johana!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

new girl on the block :)

My dear colleague of mine had safely delivered a beautiful baby girl on 30/3. Sorry Ros lambat benar I update. Busy tersangat la..Best nye ada baby girl! Congratulations again and now cukup dah sepasang. Niceeee..nak jugak..heheheh. Happy confinement yer, InsyaAllah bila you dah settle down nanti I come and visit. Ni pic I amik from your blog. Hope you don't mind :)

Introducing Farissa the name!