Monday, March 29, 2010

random rambling at 10pm

Dah pukul 10:44 malam and usually by now dah selamat tido. I had a late bath tadi..rambut masih takkan nak tido with rambut basah kan. Okay, that's not the main point. Kan Monday today, so memang blues habis..boring betul kat office. Almost half of the team takde sebab habiskan brought forward leave yang perlu di utilise before April. There was this product with total page count of 700 pages that I have to mockfile as my TL was not around to do it. I don't mind to mockfile tapi what I hate the most is that I could be too detail and picking up small errors yang by right boleh tutup sebelah mata and let go jer. Then normally mockfile no need to check that thorough tapi I just cannot check macam tuh jer. I guess my experience working at HDPM as a checker dulu made me this way.

Meh nak story sikit checker tuh camner. Usually orang pergi bank akan fill in the form nak transfer duit ke another account kan, so the forms di scan and Cyberjaya kira processing centre la, all the forms ni from branches in UK. Bila data dah di transfer to the system, it then needs to be verified by the Checker and Checker needs to ensure that all data are accurate if not susah la beneficiary tak dapat correct amount ke, wrong beneficiary ke..Checker mesti responsible for all the transactions and salah ke betul memang kat tangan Checker. Imagine transfer duit beribu2 pound tapi dapat beneficiary salah or inaccurate info..haih..who's to blame? Checker of course. Responsibility sangat besar di situ and Alhamdulillah, selama I jadi checker takde pulak I buat salah. So tadi it took me about an hour plus of my time to mockfile and after I was done with it, terus takde mood nak continue kerja and I ended up blog hoping la, FB-ing la and tak buat kerja langsung..haish..note to self, esok mesti double the effort.

Okay peeps, nite nite!

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