Wednesday, March 17, 2010

must be the weather

Hello peeps. Sorry for the long silence. Last Monday after the so-called shhh session (i'll elaborate more kot ada good news yea ;)) Mika's bbsitter called cakap Mika ada fever. Hati sangat tak sedap nak duduk dekat office so I told my TL that I need to leave at 3pm and terus fetch Mika. Mika sebenarnya ada fever sikit last Friday sebab dia tiba² ada flu and cough balik..but he was okay and back to himself during the weekend. I guess sebab both his parents were at home, terus dia okay kot.

Monday morning rasa macam suam² sikit badan dia, thought nothing la but the fever returned in the evening. I called my mom to teman me sebab hubby nak kerja that night. He's on PM shift this week and next week. My mom came around 5.30pm and time ni Mika cam takde la panas sangat badan dia, active la jugak tapi yours truly macam tak sihat pulak. I dah start macam gatal tekak and pening² and serious tak larat but I have to tahan lar sebab nak bawak Mika pergi jumpa Paed. Off we went to Usj 9 and jumpa the same doc yang we all pergi last Friday. Doc cakap ada macam rashes kat badan dia and looks like viral fever but biasa la..he said, nothing serious. Dia check throat and ear and there is no need for antibiotic pon. His temperature about 37.8 and last bagi makan ubat at 1.30pm which was good. So doctor advised to continue the same medicine and monitor him that night.

My mom belikan nasi goreng for us and not long after we reached home, my dad sampai. Sebab cucu kesayangan, sanggup datang tuh. Then around 8 plus, my bro and sis pulak datang. Thanks to my family for your support. Love you so much. My bro slept at my house sebab just in case anything, senang dia ada. My mom then balik with my sis and Alhamdulillah, no fever dah so far. I don't know la..nak cakap weather mungkin jugak sebab panas teramat sangat sekarang, then mungkin sebab dia duduk rumah babysitter and senang berjangkit..I don't know. Tapi I tau, ada gigi baru naik lar..Ntah lar..just hope he will be in great health as he grows older. You are one brave boy Mika you!

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