Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last day at PD

OMG, I baru ingat ada one more entry to publish in draft. I promise, this is the last one of the PD vacation. Friday morning woke up and had breakfast and we did nothing much. Jalan-jalan around the hotel and also lepak at room. Check out was at 12noon and on the way back, dropped by rumah in laws and had lunch there. Reached PH around 4 and I just felt like mandi, switched on the air-cond and rested with hubby and Mika and that just what I did. Vacation dekat2 pon dah penat..if jauh kena fly etc macam mana la kan. With Mika around, a bit difficult to have hubby by myself and vice versa. So if really nak getaway next time, might leave Mika with my parents ;)

Mika as usual, around 6 dah bangun

Mika tak mandi lagi dah turun breakfast
Penat suruh dia tido balik, dia bising2 suruh bangun
Pretend suap diri sendiri

Lepak at Kid's Zone

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