Monday, March 29, 2010

i love my boys

Tajuk entry macam takde kena mengena, tuh statement but since I ran out of idea nak letak apa, hentam je la :P Susah ok nak tulis tajuk.

Last Thursday and Friday cuti. Did absolutely nothing on Thursday, look after Mika and layan dia seharian suntuk. Hubby went to work that night and I slept early too, keletihan..huhuh..Mika was super duper active and I guess he was excited kot to be with me at home. Friday, we went to CA after Friday's prayer as Mika was due for his 3rd dose of pneumococcal and that was the final one. After this, ada 2 lagi jab..optional Chicken Pox can be taken in April or after the compulsory one which is due in June.

On the way home, dropped by Summit as hubby needed to buy something and Summit now has Ayam Penyet. So apa lagi, tahpau la ayam penyet for us and bubur McD for Mika. Friday night kan movie first nak tengok Hurt Locker but I was not in the mood nak layan cerita² perang ni and dah takde movie best nak tengok, we watched S u r v i v o r H&V and I memang follow from Season 1..lama dah reality tv ni..since MMU days. Okay lar, suka tengok challenge and reward time.

Then Saturday, we went out looking for safety gate and finally, dah install safety gate kat atas. Sebab our main lepak place kat hall atas, install satu dulu. Our main choice sebenarnya this one kat BBstore but it's out of stock. Plus that one got discount. Then we went to the newly opened baby shop next to IOI mall and found Little Bean punya, slightly cheaper and with extension too. It costs around RM230 like that, so okay lar. Lambat nye pasangkan..asyik terlupa je. Sebab all this while we block the stairs with sofa. Mika memang boleh panjat but he seldom does that, so sebelum apa² better la ada safety gate ni.

Sunday lunch with my family at Famous Thai, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam sebab that place is the only place yang dekat and comfortable for us. That's all for weekend. Boring kan..huhuhu..nak keluar malas, nak pergi mana² pon malas hence entry yang bosan.

On unrelated issue, my colleague Ros tengah menunggu hari, tak sabar nak tengok her baby ;) Good luck Ros! I miss being pregnant, boleh? huhuh..

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