Monday, March 29, 2010

random rambling at 10pm

Dah pukul 10:44 malam and usually by now dah selamat tido. I had a late bath tadi..rambut masih takkan nak tido with rambut basah kan. Okay, that's not the main point. Kan Monday today, so memang blues habis..boring betul kat office. Almost half of the team takde sebab habiskan brought forward leave yang perlu di utilise before April. There was this product with total page count of 700 pages that I have to mockfile as my TL was not around to do it. I don't mind to mockfile tapi what I hate the most is that I could be too detail and picking up small errors yang by right boleh tutup sebelah mata and let go jer. Then normally mockfile no need to check that thorough tapi I just cannot check macam tuh jer. I guess my experience working at HDPM as a checker dulu made me this way.

Meh nak story sikit checker tuh camner. Usually orang pergi bank akan fill in the form nak transfer duit ke another account kan, so the forms di scan and Cyberjaya kira processing centre la, all the forms ni from branches in UK. Bila data dah di transfer to the system, it then needs to be verified by the Checker and Checker needs to ensure that all data are accurate if not susah la beneficiary tak dapat correct amount ke, wrong beneficiary ke..Checker mesti responsible for all the transactions and salah ke betul memang kat tangan Checker. Imagine transfer duit beribu2 pound tapi dapat beneficiary salah or inaccurate info..haih..who's to blame? Checker of course. Responsibility sangat besar di situ and Alhamdulillah, selama I jadi checker takde pulak I buat salah. So tadi it took me about an hour plus of my time to mockfile and after I was done with it, terus takde mood nak continue kerja and I ended up blog hoping la, FB-ing la and tak buat kerja langsung..haish..note to self, esok mesti double the effort.

Okay peeps, nite nite!

i love my boys

Tajuk entry macam takde kena mengena, tuh statement but since I ran out of idea nak letak apa, hentam je la :P Susah ok nak tulis tajuk.

Last Thursday and Friday cuti. Did absolutely nothing on Thursday, look after Mika and layan dia seharian suntuk. Hubby went to work that night and I slept early too, keletihan..huhuh..Mika was super duper active and I guess he was excited kot to be with me at home. Friday, we went to CA after Friday's prayer as Mika was due for his 3rd dose of pneumococcal and that was the final one. After this, ada 2 lagi jab..optional Chicken Pox can be taken in April or after the compulsory one which is due in June.

On the way home, dropped by Summit as hubby needed to buy something and Summit now has Ayam Penyet. So apa lagi, tahpau la ayam penyet for us and bubur McD for Mika. Friday night kan movie first nak tengok Hurt Locker but I was not in the mood nak layan cerita² perang ni and dah takde movie best nak tengok, we watched S u r v i v o r H&V and I memang follow from Season 1..lama dah reality tv ni..since MMU days. Okay lar, suka tengok challenge and reward time.

Then Saturday, we went out looking for safety gate and finally, dah install safety gate kat atas. Sebab our main lepak place kat hall atas, install satu dulu. Our main choice sebenarnya this one kat BBstore but it's out of stock. Plus that one got discount. Then we went to the newly opened baby shop next to IOI mall and found Little Bean punya, slightly cheaper and with extension too. It costs around RM230 like that, so okay lar. Lambat nye pasangkan..asyik terlupa je. Sebab all this while we block the stairs with sofa. Mika memang boleh panjat but he seldom does that, so sebelum apa² better la ada safety gate ni.

Sunday lunch with my family at Famous Thai, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam sebab that place is the only place yang dekat and comfortable for us. That's all for weekend. Boring kan..huhuhu..nak keluar malas, nak pergi mana² pon malas hence entry yang bosan.

On unrelated issue, my colleague Ros tengah menunggu hari, tak sabar nak tengok her baby ;) Good luck Ros! I miss being pregnant, boleh? huhuh..

Mika tengah bzbody

Dah siap fix

 Model comot belum mandi

Thursday, March 25, 2010

cuti la hari ni

Hello peeps! I'm on leave today and tomorrow. Tapi Mika is with me sebab the bbsitter tak available these 2 days. Hubby is at home too but he got to sleep la sebab malam nanti dia kerja. It's okay, malam ni last night dia PM shift, the next 2 weeks will be AM shift. I dah siap masak cepat-cepat pagi tadi. Just a simple dish for Mika only, my lunch would be nasi lemak yang hubby bought for breakfast tapi tak makan lagi. Apa la I merepek ni..haish..

My MIL cakap dah boleh dapat maid. If nak sekarang pon dah boleh dapat tapi come to think of it..that soon?? Still tak prepare the room and arrangement and all so I think give us another a month or two kot to arrange and prepare. At this point of time, I wish I'm living with my parents. Senang sikit. Huhuhuh..Mika is asleep now sebab itu I can online. Dia kekenyangan makan nasi lemak, susu 8oz and biskut Jacob's Weetameal 3 keping. My actual plan nak lepak rumah my mom tapi semalam call, kedatangan tidak di alu-alukan. My mom tak kasi datang..sob sob..reason sebab rumah sangat berhabuk, renovate kan. Tiles kat porch tuh tengah replace then orang cat rumah okay..lepak PH saja nampaknya.

Monday, March 22, 2010

photo tag by arin

Jarang kena tag, that day blog hoping ke my friend's blog, kena pulak. Anyways, suka je nak buat. Here goes..

  1. Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.
  2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.
  3. Post that photo along with the story behind it.
  4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same! "...

This pic was taken in May last year. Tengok la Mika tuh, still  bam bam and besar tak dia masa baby? Rindu nye tengok his old pics. Ni kat Secret Recipe Putra Heights. That day it was Saturday and hubby was not around, kerja. My sister temankan I and she brought Kak Isma, the part time helper along. While Kak Isma bersihkan my house, we went out for lunch with this lil dude. Time ni okay lagi, Mika masih boleh duduk diam. Boleh la makan dengan aman walaupon sudah menunjukkan tanda² nak bergerak je. Wah, lama dah ni..almost a year.

Sila la eh siapa² nak wat. Just for fun :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

just keep your mouth shut..please

Pernah tak jumpa orang yang pelik? Pelik meaning macam dia cakap lain dan dia buat lain. Pastu kalau dah salah, dia tak nak admit, nak menang jugak. Then kalau dia tak suka something dia condemn habis-habis tapi in the end terlepas cakap yang dia sebenarnya macam suka cuma jealous sebab tak boleh tengok orang lain lebih dari dia? Habis tuh apahal nak kutuk-kutuk in the first place? Tak boleh ke be happy and even tak suka pon just smile walaupon tak ikhlas..rasa tuh lagi bagus kot. I know human is not perfect and saya salah seorang daripadanya. I pon pernah jugak buat macam ni tapi I rasa I still boleh control cakap yang tak nak hurt feelings orang lain, so I senyap jer, buat tak tahu. If ye pon jealous ke apa kan..tak perlu la nak la dia bagus sangat. Kalau betul bagus, memang I salute. Kalau I dah kenal lama and memang close I still boleh terima like me and my gurls but if kalau orang tuh kenal pon tak sangat tapi berani nak interfere life orang..over la tuh kan. Buang masa lar orang macam ni. Jaga tepi kain sendiri boleh? I don't need your advise or suggestion yang tak ikhlas dan saja nak sakit kan hati orang. Thanks, but no oh life!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

on one fine sunday

Tak ingat ni bila but one of the Sundays, i think the last Sunday in Feb kot. Bekas kuning tuh so called tempat sterilise bottles Mika (saya agak old fashioned sebab takde steriliser betul :P). Mika suka main air so on that one fine day, dia panjat that ledge (tempat ni panggil lanai, located in the master bedroom) and discovered that tupperware ada air. Nasib air tuh dah sejuk, kalau panas..hisshh..nways, muka excited dapat main air. Takde motif pon entry ni tapi since dah ada dalam draft, I publish kan saja :)  

 excited sampai tutup mata

 dia try nak sedut air from bekas tuh

after dah settle main air, dia pandai je tarik drawer pastu amik my baju
dan dia suruh pakai..which btw, I pakai baju tau, ishh Mika ni

pagi sabtu

Saturday morning and surprisingly it's a quiet morning for me. Daddy and son tengah sedap tido. Hubby is on PM shift this weekend. Initial plan nak pergi Subang tapi my mom said ada orang nak datang buat kerja, so not advisable to come early..tunggu petang sikit. Those yang kenal I dari sekolah2 dulu sure perasan every year mesti ada renovation kat rumah. Lama jugak la takde renovation sebab I thought dah takde apa nak renovate dah but my mom got this idea of renovating the stairs and changing the tiles for the porch and also dekat my sis's balcony. The major work is actually the stairs so agak dusty. Nanti dah siap I letak some photos. My dad senyap je, normally bila dia senyap it means OK. Actually I got a story to tell but nanti kot. Okay peeps, later. Have a great weekend yea?

Friday, March 19, 2010 cute!

Kecomelan telah berlaku di sini. I was browsing thru some clips then I found this. He's married and one straight guy while the one is totally the opposite :P tapi they look like best friends dan amat comel. Check out 0:17 ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

MC pulak semalam

Back at the office today. Semalam was on MC. I dah rasa tak best since Monday but I still pergi kerja on Tuesday. Then I thought nak pergi clinic but ada kerja pulak and sedar² dah almost noon and rasa macam dah okay sikit. After lunch, ada something came up pulak..luckily I tak MC..if not macam not nice.

So petang tuh mmg rasa sakit tekak sangat tambah sakit² badan. Drive pon cam pakai drive je. Hubby pulak kena kerja that night but he said he will be on half day so he should be back by 1AM. Hubby mandikan Mika and he left for work at 6.40pm. It was still early for Mika to go to sleep actually tapi I serious tak larat. I dim the light and bagi Mika watch PHDC and around 7 I ajak dia tido. His favourite activity kalau dia tak ngantuk lagi and we are on the bed suka climb in and climb out of the cot onto the bed. So dia buat la aksi macam tuh ntah berapa kali ntah, main sorang² while I tengok dia camtuh² je. Kesian Mika tak dilayan sangat. I think dia pon perasan sebab I cam senyap je, so after few minutes, he got quiet and laid down beside me and soon after that dia pon tido sekali. Dengan I pon tertido sampai around 9 baru bangun.

Bila dah bangun macam agak sedikit ting tong sebab I did not take any kepala macam berat but I managed to finish up my dinner which hubby had bought earlier and also angkat baju and pack Mika's stuff and lepas tuh terus flat. I tersedar at 3 and macam pelik sebab hubby tak balik².Called him and he said he got stuck in this meeting and the chance of him going back early macam very slim jer. However, he did managed to come back 2 hours early and we both then sent Mika to the bbsitter and had breakfast.

Around 10, I pergi clinic and rested at home till noon. Had lunch and since Mika was not around, and nak tengok cerita yang agak takut if nak tengok malam², we decided to watch Rec 2, sequel of Rec 1. What can I say about this movie, dia macam tak sebest as the first one kot but the story is now clearer with detailed info and an ending which is not so hanging. Petang sikit macam dah larat nak jalan²..MC patut duduk rumah..tapi hubby ajak teman gi IOI mall dia nak collect games so I ikut je la sambil tuh boleh cuci mata. Then ingat nak beli some stuffs for Mika..and we bought this tricycle for him. Dah lama nak beli and survey merata². Almost nak beli the one yang kat Toys R Us but cam handle dia susah nak navigate so we ended up buying this

what's this huh? macam mana cara nak main? it..budak comot ni..

season 9

Tengok tak American Idol? Being an avid follower of this reality tv show since the 1st season, this year is no exception for me. At first tak rasa macam ada yang best..and I think I pernah mention in earlier post (ntah post mana ntah) I suka orang macam mana I rasa this year, I think I have found my favourite contestants already. Lee Dewyze adalah salah seorang pemalu ini sungguh comel. If u tengok dia, memang dia camera shy, tapi sebab dia malu² and very down to earth kot orang suka dia. His voice memang ala² rocker something like Matchbox 20 + Dave Matthews Band and he plays guitar! Then there's this girl Siobhan Magnus the gurl version of Adam Lambert and before this dia macam underdog je but somehow she improves week by week. My taste memang lebih kurang sama macam my sister's taste. I tak suka Casey James..I rasa macam dia biasa je though he got good looks tapi maybe sebab I don't fancy guy with long hair far ni je kot I rasa ok :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

must be the weather

Hello peeps. Sorry for the long silence. Last Monday after the so-called shhh session (i'll elaborate more kot ada good news yea ;)) Mika's bbsitter called cakap Mika ada fever. Hati sangat tak sedap nak duduk dekat office so I told my TL that I need to leave at 3pm and terus fetch Mika. Mika sebenarnya ada fever sikit last Friday sebab dia tiba² ada flu and cough balik..but he was okay and back to himself during the weekend. I guess sebab both his parents were at home, terus dia okay kot.

Monday morning rasa macam suam² sikit badan dia, thought nothing la but the fever returned in the evening. I called my mom to teman me sebab hubby nak kerja that night. He's on PM shift this week and next week. My mom came around 5.30pm and time ni Mika cam takde la panas sangat badan dia, active la jugak tapi yours truly macam tak sihat pulak. I dah start macam gatal tekak and pening² and serious tak larat but I have to tahan lar sebab nak bawak Mika pergi jumpa Paed. Off we went to Usj 9 and jumpa the same doc yang we all pergi last Friday. Doc cakap ada macam rashes kat badan dia and looks like viral fever but biasa la..he said, nothing serious. Dia check throat and ear and there is no need for antibiotic pon. His temperature about 37.8 and last bagi makan ubat at 1.30pm which was good. So doctor advised to continue the same medicine and monitor him that night.

My mom belikan nasi goreng for us and not long after we reached home, my dad sampai. Sebab cucu kesayangan, sanggup datang tuh. Then around 8 plus, my bro and sis pulak datang. Thanks to my family for your support. Love you so much. My bro slept at my house sebab just in case anything, senang dia ada. My mom then balik with my sis and Alhamdulillah, no fever dah so far. I don't know la..nak cakap weather mungkin jugak sebab panas teramat sangat sekarang, then mungkin sebab dia duduk rumah babysitter and senang berjangkit..I don't know. Tapi I tau, ada gigi baru naik lar..Ntah lar..just hope he will be in great health as he grows older. You are one brave boy Mika you!

Friday, March 12, 2010

EL today

EL today. Lepas clear kan 2 updates last Fri & Tues and a book yesterday..sungguh tak larat dah nak pergi office. Then dapat call from HR..oh no..i'm not ready yet! Ready for what eh? Nanti la if ada rezeki I cerita :) Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bubble away

Sabtu lepas aunty Ellie dan Nana datang Subang and Ellie beli something for him. Toy gun yang boleh buat bubble tuh. Mika sangat teruja tapi dia macam dah agak mengantuk jugak sebab after outing tak tido2. Dah la active semacam kan before that. Thanks aunty Ellie for the toy ;)

 aunty Ellie layan Mika

dah penat main, lepak dulu..amboi kaki tuh..pakai letak je atas psp

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday with family

Hubby kerja this weekend so semalam awal2 pagi I dah bangun, macam nak pergi kerja tuh..mandi and masukkan barang dalam kereta. My sis in law is staying at my place for few days and with her around, at least ada orang tolong layan Mika while I pergi buat benda lain. Tak pasal2 dia pon kena bangun awal also sebab dia nak meet her friend for breakfast. I ada la cakap kat dia, I don't mind at all if dia nak lepak at my house tapi dia cakap it's okay. Best jugak ada kakak at home..ada orang nak borak2. Pagi tuh nak gerak to Subang, hujan pulak. It was around 7 tak silap. Managed to leave the house only at 8am.

Had nasi lemak for breakfast..bukan satu..I makan 2 hence saya adalah kegemukan sekarang! Konon the other one tuh Mika makan sikit so tak habis, I habiskan lar. Tak baik membazir :P Mika suka nasi lemak..heheh...without sambal la tapi. Then my mom ajak lunch outside and also ajak tengok office my dad. We went to Cozy Corner at Jaya 33 and as usual, Mika excited semacam tak boleh duduk diam in that restaurant. Dia nak jalan kat luar and always nak pergi dekat escalator/lift. Bahaya sungguh. Really wish hubby was there. If hubby takde, I la kena kejar dia. We (my parents and I) took turn makan and jagakan Mika. Last2 dia senyap bila we all letak dalam trolley supermarket tuh..oh Mika..sungguh active yer kamu.

I tak pernah sampai lagi office my dad..percaya tak? Berapa tahun dah dia pindah baru la nak gi tengok. Sampai2 ada one of his staffs tengah buat filing etc. Rajin sungguh kakak ni, some more it was Saturday. My bro cakap, kakak ni duduk 2 mins drive je from the office. Wah, untung my dad dapat pekerja yang rajin. She even brought her 2 yr old son along, so Mika ada la jugak kawan. I cakap kat my dad, kalau office abah dekat, I don't mind to work here at all. Buat admin ke..sanggup je.

Enjoy the photos ;)

apa yang kelakar tuh Mika?
nak jugak sibuk walaupon straw tuh macam cacat


take 5, buat susu kat parking lot

i had to sit in front sebab Mika tak leh nak duduk diam, plus baru lepas makan..
 in my dad's room, Mika try nak panjat meja
aunty Zira in action, Mika bzbody
at the reception area, that's the kakak with her son

 It was a great outing with the family, macam dulu2 before kahwin except ada one additional person. Really wish hubby was there to join us. Baru la betul2 family. Next time maybe

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last day at PD

OMG, I baru ingat ada one more entry to publish in draft. I promise, this is the last one of the PD vacation. Friday morning woke up and had breakfast and we did nothing much. Jalan-jalan around the hotel and also lepak at room. Check out was at 12noon and on the way back, dropped by rumah in laws and had lunch there. Reached PH around 4 and I just felt like mandi, switched on the air-cond and rested with hubby and Mika and that just what I did. Vacation dekat2 pon dah penat..if jauh kena fly etc macam mana la kan. With Mika around, a bit difficult to have hubby by myself and vice versa. So if really nak getaway next time, might leave Mika with my parents ;)

Mika as usual, around 6 dah bangun

Mika tak mandi lagi dah turun breakfast
Penat suruh dia tido balik, dia bising2 suruh bangun
Pretend suap diri sendiri

Lepak at Kid's Zone

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a walk at the beach

After swimming session, naik atas balik and siap2 sebab nak jalan2 kat beach pulak. First time for Mika so dia agak pelik bila jalan atas pasir and pelik tengok laut. Nothing much pon, dah habis tuh we all jalan2 kejap kat pekan PD yang sungguh tak bermaya, weekdays kot and konon nak cari tempat makan yang best tapi tak jumpa. So ingat balik hotel jer la, room service tapi bila tengok menu and price agak over di situ, hubby cakap takpe, dia nak keluar tahpau. While waiting for dear hubby to return with food, I mandi and lepak2 layan tengok TV. Mika dah selamat tido dalam cot. Kepenatan sangat la tuh.

suka bila Mika buat muka macam ni, geram
kalau zoom pic ni, kat kening Mika belah kiri tuh merah sebab dia baru lepas terhantuk kat cot
lasak sangat, mommy muka penat
tangan Mika tuh asyik dlm mulut jer, gatal gusi la tuh
suka sebab dapat duduk atas rumput

my two heroes

Monday, March 1, 2010

first swimming

Since preparation sangat last minute, I beli swimming wear for Mika online je. Comel tak? :D Bila tengok pool, memang regret habis tak bawak my swimming wear. Ada cari kat rumah before pergi tapi tak jumpa, time buat early preparation pls. Dah relax kejap, pergi pool at 5. Orang tak ramai lagi. Mika cam excited tapi macam takut..first time letak dia dalam pool.

boybug boleh?
time ni dia cari daddy dia 
  still searching..daddy's boy Mika ni

 tutup mata pulak Mika ni
 daddy yang over, Mika tak pandang pon
 float sungguh je yang cantik and worth it, hentam je