Friday, February 19, 2010

fix it

Good morning! On the way to work this morning, I dengar Fly FM and there was this Fix It segment. About a boy yang konon nya sayang lagi kat now x-gf tapi masa prom night pergi dance dengan orang lain. That boy said sorry and he mentioned something about dia still sayang x-gf dia ni and he wants the whole Malaysia to know he still loves her and sorry for everything. I was like...WTH? Masa dia pergi ajak gurl lain tuh dance tak fikir ke..then his x-gf found out from her sister about this. I paling tak suka guy like this. No offence but ingat senang ke dah hurt orang lain punya feelings then say sorry? Tak boleh terima. Nasib la x-gf dia ni pandai, she said that it's hard for her to forgive that guy and she would not get back to least not now. You go girl!

I've been in that situation. My bestfriend saw my ex holding hands with his 'gf' and when I asked him about it he said, it's just the way he socialise. Boleh macam tuh? That time long distance relationship. Long distance pon tahan la sampai 3 tahun our relationship..1 and half year macam ok but the other half macam so fake. Tapi I pon tak baik sangat sebab dah tahu his behavior macam mana, I seek for revenge. Revenge is sweet kan? I went out with other people and takde la duduk diam memikirkan nasib. After all, time tuh I was 18. We broke up macam tuh jer thru chatting. Adalah rasa down sikit coz he was my real 1st bf and time sekolah dulu, everyone sort of like know us coz he was my senior. Konon dulu cam cool la couple ngan senior..hahah..ntah pape..Even cikgu² pon tau but they were sporting enough. My mom pon kenal dia, pernah datang rumah 2-3 kali. Faz darling..if you ever happen to read this, ingat lagi about this? Bittersweet memories eh?

Before I kahwin, we had a talk and he apologised for everything and even came to my wedding with his gf yang dia pegang tangan tuh. Okay lar, no hard feelings kan..wish him the best. As for me, I have my man who then gave me a son. What more can I ask for..nothing can beats him..he's the best walaupon ada la ups and downs but biasa la..mana ada perfect marriage..orang cakap asam garam rumah tangga..baik sangat tak emo² tak best gaks :)


Fazlynne Majid said...

hahha.. of course i remember! *hugz*

m|ss FL said...

really thank God for having you as my bestfriend faz. glad that you were the one who shared my ups and downs then ;)