Sunday, February 28, 2010

first holiday

Last Friday was a public holiday and I took leave on Thursday just to get extra days to relax. Hubby, Mika and me went to PD and it was first getaway for dear Mika. That day in The Biggest Loser Asia ada one scene shot at this hotel. We googled and found out that the hotel macam best. Hubby memang tak pandang hotel lain dah, he booked it straight away. Tak lama pon pergi, one night stay je. Sebab PD and stay lama-lama pon tak tahu nak buat apa plus Mika ada kan, mesti tak holiday sangat :P It was fun, walaupon penat melayan Mika tapi we totally enjoyed the stay. Here are some pics of the hotel. Pics of us will follow in another entry yea. We stayed at Thistle Hotel. Wanna know more about this hotel, sila click sini :)

 the entrance
 hotel lobby
we took the deluxe king sea facing room
view from the room

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