Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saturday evening at ER

Mika started to have fever on Friday night. Actually Friday morning tuh badan dah panas but it was ON OFF basis and he looked just fine tapi malam macam demam balik and the temperature shoot up to almost 38C. So bagi dia medicine and it managed to bring down the temperature and we thought he's going to be better the next day but again it was ON OFF..when it's ON it got really high and petang bawak terus pergi ER. Kat sana the medical officer in charge said, it's viral fever and told us not to worry. Prescribed some medicine and memang pon we were not worry sebab Mika seemed okay. After dia makan ubat memang dia akan okay lar..sweating and all tapi bile it's about time for another round of medicine the temperature shoot up and it got very high. Tak pernah jadi before like this, so we hope that balik rumah he will be just fine which turned out the opposite. Malam tu his temperature almost 40c!! He almost gone into seizure and we tried our best to bring down the temperature and cooled him off..okay, berjaya but if it's going to happen again we are going to bring him straight to the malam tuh, nothing happen..temperature below 38C and it stayed that way till the next morning.

To be continue in another entry. In the mean time, enjoy the pics below :)

 chubby fingers yang suka cubit mommy when mommy is sleeping
 sempat singgah makan kat Ayam Penyet
 little red riding hood
 jalan-jalan kat wad..not knowing the next day kena admit :P
waiting for the medical officer..see..he got the cheeky smile on his face
see he was all excited, memang macam tak demam when the temperature is normal

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