Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a quick update

I'm back! Lama tak update..there's a reason for that. My dear Mika kena admitted last Sunday due to viral fever. So I have been spending the last 4 days and 3 nights at Columbia Asia Hospital, Puchong. Second time I pergi sini, first masa deliver Mika and time dia pon lebih kurang 1 year back. Mika started having fever on and off since last Friday but it got worse on Saturday night, meaning dia macam almost nak kena on Sunday, we brought him to this Paed and I asked the Paed if it's okay to admit him sebab I macam takut lar tengok dia on and off tak baik2 and I asked the doc to do blood test..anything lar to make him better. This doc pulak memang recommend we go to CA sebab dia visitor doctor (betul ke term ni? kira dia bukan official doctor kat situ but he uses the facility there for his patients). Kesian Mika kena drip and all but once dah sampai hospital macam lega sangat sebab anything jer nurses around and the doctor pon visit us 2 times daily which are really great. Okay nanti I cerita lebih2 lagi okay..Alhamdulillah Mika dah okay and harap2 no more sakit2 dah lepas ni. At the same time I dapat cuti instant 3 hari and lepak kat hospital macam best..boleh tak? the environment, the room and also the people friendly. Tapi boring memang boring lar..okay later peeps!

Eh kejap...hari ni 20/1..which means Mika dah 13 mths which means I have more to update! Happy 13 months young Mikhail Haris ;)


Joe J said...

too bad hospital takde internet and baby playroom.

raF|za said...

ada connection tapi admin tak nak bagi pakai. tuh lar, playroom tuh penting. kesian budak2 admitted tak tau nak wat apa